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Writ seeks half fare in public transport for students

Court Correspondent: A writ has been filed yesterday in the High Court seeking directions to half the fares for students in all types of public transport including public and private buses, launches and trains in the country. Lawyer Yunus Ali Akand confirmed the matter yesterday.
He said bus fares were increased this month due to rising oil prices. Amid this, the students have been demanding for a few days to introduce “half-fare in public transport”.
In the last few days, there have been unfortunate incidents between transport workers and students for this demand in several places including Sciencelab and Farmgate in Dhaka, Yunus Ali Akand added.
After the increase in the price of diesel on November 4, the fare of public transport was increased. Even then, the transport owners were accused of charging more than the fixed fare. Later, the students started a movement from November 15 for half fare. The movement is going on for the last few days.

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