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Bangladesh - March 9, 2022

16 pc bankers are women in BD

—-29,513 out of 108,084 are female banker
—-72.50 lakh women clients

Mahfuja Mukul: Various initiatives have been taken publicly and privately to take women forward. At present women have good contribution in education, job, business and trade. The central bank of the country has stood by them to take this initiative forward. Now the distribution of loans among women entrepreneurs has increased. The number of women employees in banks is also increasing.
In order for the victims of the Corona epidemic to survive the loss, the government has given them loans in low interest incentive packages in several phases. However, the entrepreneurs said that many of them got this loan and many did not. Again, in the case of loans, there are various conditions, which cannot be met by them.
According to the latest report of Bangladesh Bank, the disbursement of loans among women entrepreneurs has increased by Tk 969.36 crore during the year. The number of women employees working in the scheduled banks of the country is also increasing day by day. By January-June 2021, the number of women workers in the banking sector has increased by 1,135.
However, according to those concerned, women are still far behind men. In the economic development of the country, men and women should be taken forward on an equal footing.
From January to September last year, loans amounting to Tk 4,542.63 crore were disbursed among women entrepreneurs in small, cottage and medium industries (CMSMEs). In the same period of the previous year 2020, the amount of debt was three thousand 553 crore 46 crore. As a result, more than Tk 969.36 crore has been disbursed among women entrepreneurs in the SME sector in a span of one year.
Industry insiders say that if the Covid-19 situation returns to normal in 2021, the amount of debt will increase with new investments. At the same time, imports and exports continue to increase.
Fahmida Ahmed Jhuma, a woman entrepreneur and managing director of Rumjhum Fashion, told that loans should be given to women entrepreneurs on easy terms as per the instructions of Bangladesh Bank. Many are getting loans, but in many cases, there is trouble. To take women forward, it is necessary to increase the scope of loans on easy terms. A number of women entrepreneurs also said that they often give various conditions to women entrepreneurs to get loans. “We are small entrepreneurs,”
Snigdha Dutta, a woman entrepreneur and managing director of Rang Bangla Fashion, told. We need microcredit.
Banks require a lot of paperwork for SME loans, but it is not possible to provide them. In case of taking a loan from a bank, the loan is not given if the age of trade license is less than five years. In that case, those of us who are new entrepreneurs are not in debt. As I move forward, affluence in the family returns, employment of others is reduced, unemployment decreases.
The number of women workers in the bank has increased
As of June last year, the total number of female employees in the banking sector stood at 29,513. Which was 26,038 in December 2020, the previous year. According to estimates, the number of female employees in the bank has increased by 1,135 in six months.
According to the central bank’s January-June report last year, the country’s various banks have a total of one lakh 6 thousand 84 employees. Of these, one lakh 56 thousand 261 are male workers and 29 thousand 513 are female. In other words, the participation of women in the total staff is 15.60 percent.
Of these, 50,056 are employed in six state-owned commercial banks. Of these, 42,544 are males and 8,023 are females. The participation of women in the workforce is 15.6 percent. There are 13,305 people working in three specialized commercial banks. Of these, 11,046 are males and 1,626 are females. Women’s participation is 13.64 percent.
On the other hand, there are one lakh 19 thousand 116 people working in 42 private banks. Of which one lakh 395 are male workers and 18 thousand 622 are female workers. The participation of women there is 15.6 percent. On the other hand, there are 3,795 people working in 9 foreign banks, out of which 940 are women.
During the period under review, the participation of women as board members in these banks has increased by 12.6 percent. Among them, the participation rate of women as members of the board of commercial banks is higher, 17.33 percent. In this case, the state-owned banks are lagging behind.
Parul, an official of a private bank, told that women are still lagging behind in our banking sector. Equitable contribution of men and women is needed to move the economy of the country forward.
Not only women bankers, but also female customers are increasing. Now women can be seen at every counter of the bank. Some banks have separate lines for them to avoid suffering.
Women’s participation in mobile and agent banking
Development of Mobile Financial Services (MFS), Rocket and Cash The number of female customers is increasing. Through agent banking services, women are able to send their money home from work.
Till last December, the number of male subscribers in this service was 63 lakh 29 thousand 917, and the number of female subscribers was 72 lakh 50 thousand 31. Agent banking services are being provided through 19,246 outlets in the country, including female agents.

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