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Bangladesh - November 19, 2023

2-dozen ex-police officers running for nominations

Zarif Mahmud: At least two dozen former police officers want the nomination of Awami League in the 12th National Parliament election. Among them are former Inspector General of Police (IGP), Additional IGP and former SP. Not only that, two former police officers are interested in getting nominated for the same seat, bypassing active leaders in Awami League politics.
According to the Representation of the People Order (RPO), only government officials who have retired from service for at least three years can contest elections. This time, a group of government officials tried to reduce the provision of three years. However, they were not successful in the end.
As many police officers who retired three years ago are expecting nominations, police officers who retired even before that are also in the race. Among them are current MP and former Inspector General of Police Noor Mohammad and former SP Habibur Rahman.
According to related sources, 88 police officers who retired from service before the 11th National Parliament elections officially supported Sheikh Hasina. On December 19, 2018, they went to Ganabhaban and joined Awami League. Among them were 15 Inspector Generals (IGPs), 19 Additional IGPs, 24 Deputy Inspector Generals (DIGs), 3 Additional DIGs, 11 Additional Inspector Generals (AIG) and Superintendent of Police (SPs) and 15 Additional Superintendent of Police (ASPs). Several of them are now seeking nomination.
Former IGP Shahidul Haqueis hoping for boat nomination from Shariatpur-1
AKM Shahidul Haque was born in Narkalikata village of Naria upazila of Shariatpur district. He joined the Bangladesh Police Force in 1986 as an Assistant Superintendent of Police. Shahidul Haque is one of the promoters of community policing. Joined as Inspector General of Police (IGP) on 31 December 2014 and served till 31 January 2018. He is one of the former Inspector General of Police who supported the Awami League before the 11th National Assembly elections.
He told, “I am looking forward to the nomination of the boat. If the leader wants, I will launch a formal campaign. I can’t do it the way political leaders collect nominations. But the people of Shariatpur are sitting eagerly. They want me, say try. I am trying. The rest is on the leader (Sheikh Hasina)”.
He said, if you look into my area, you will know how people want me. There are many groupings. I am interested from Shariatpur-1. I tried to do the best for the area. I established the Majid-Zarina Foundation School and College. It has received the recognition of the best educational institution from Dhaka Division in 2022.
Kishoreganj-2 MP Noor Mohammad’s rival is former police officer Kahar Akand.
Another former police officer, Kahar Akand, is running for nomination from Kishoreganj-2 (Katiadi-Pakundia) seat, the current MP and former Inspector General of Police Noor Mohammad. He has also been attacked during election campaigns and public involvement in the area.
Abdul Kahar Akand is a former Additional Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police. He is discussed as the investigating officer of various important cases including Bangabandhu murder case, prison murder case, 21 August grenade attack case, BDR rebellion case.
He told that the condition of my field is very good. Get information in the area. Rival Noor Mohammad will also take the news. Everyone in the team knows, there is communication. I entered the field after talking to the leader. I have been farming for several years. I have prepared the field. Now I am waiting for the final nomination of the leader.
On the other hand, former Inspector General of Police and former Secretary Noor Mohammad has already gone to Parliament with the nomination of Awami League from Kishoreganj-2 (Katiadi-Pakundia) seat. He wants to get nominated this time too.
Noor Mohammad told that you will get my news from the people of the area. If I say about me, I will say it well. No one talks bad about themselves. Time will tell if the team wants it or not. But I’m trying my best.
Former Additional IGP Mokhlesur Rahman is seeking the nomination of a boat from Jamalpur.
Jamalpur-1 Constituency (Bakshiganj-Dewanganj) in the 12th National Assembly Elections. Former Additional IGP of Police Mokhlesur Rahman is plowing the field to get nomination of Awami League.
Additional Inspector General of Police (Administration) Mokhlesur Rahman went on post-retirement leave on May 5, 2019. Mokhlesur Rahman joined the Bangladesh Police in 1988. He served as Additional IGP (Administration and Operations) at Police Headquarters as Head of Criminal Investigation Branch (CID).
According to local sources, he is frequently traveling to the field as a candidate for Awami League’s nomination in the next election. Mass communication is being done in these two upazilas. Worked as a confidant of the current government for a long time.
Former Additional IGP Abdur Rahim, who was deprived in the last election due to the alliance, is also running for nomination.
Former Additional IGP Abdur Rahim, who lost his job during BNP’s tenure and is currently working in the investigative agency of the International Criminal Tribunal, is also seeking the nomination of the boat.
After graduation in 1969, Abdur Rahim joined the Atharbari Union Awami League. Later the general secretary was elected in this committee. Served as the regional organizer of the liberation war.
Abdur Rahim joined the police department as ASP in BCS first batch in 1973. In 2001, the BNP-Jamaat government sent him into compulsory retirement. On August 21, 2004, after the grenade attack, he joined the three-member special team formed to protect Awami League president Sheikh Hasina.
Former Additional IGP Abdur Rahim, who was deprived of the last election due to the alliance told that I was first in the popularity poll in the last election. However, I was deprived due to alliance. Fakhrul Imam of the Jatiya Party was nominated and elected as a Member of Parliament due to the alliance. This time also I am expecting the nomination of the boat. The team has not said anything yet. Even if there are 4-5 competitors, this time I have more chances to get it. Officially nominated for the campaign. Waiting for nomination.
Former SP Habibar, three-time MP of Bogra-5 constituency, is also seeking nomination this time.
The former SP who lost his job during the BNP period was elected as a member of parliament from Bogra-5 (Sherpur-Dhunat) after being nominated in the 11th National Parliament election. Habibur Rahman. Habibur Rahman is actively involved in politics.
He said, he is hoping to be nominated for the fourth time. My position in the area is good. I have started working from the grassroots to make the country a developed state by creating new ideas. Now if I get the nomination, I can finish the unfinished works.
Former IGP freedom fighter Matiur Rahman will not seek nomination despite expectations.
Former Additional IGP Matiur Rahman, Adviser of Rajshahi District Awami League and Awami League candidate for Godagari. But Matiur Rahman’s comment that he did not want the nomination of the party, who was not even asked for nomination in the 11th national parliament election. I will elect a leader if I want.
It is known that Matiur Rahman entered politics during his school life. He was the last president of Rajshahi University Branch Students’ Union. When the BNP-Jamaat coalition government came to power in 2001, Matiur Rahman was the Additional IGP of Police. BNP government sent freedom fighter Matiur Rahman into compulsory retirement. He officially joined the Awami League the following year.
For that reason, he did not seek nomination in 2008. But he was made a member of the central election management committee of Awami League. He performed the same duty in the January 2014 elections. In the last election, despite his strong efforts, he was denied the nomination.
Matiur Rahman said, including me, 64 police officers were fired. The war of freedom fighters never ends. I didn’t either. A lot of work remains to be done in the development of this tribal-dominated town, including diversification of agriculture. I asked for the nomination three times, I didn’t even try. I am seeking nomination. But this time I will not ask for nomination. I will do it if the leader gives me.
Former IGP MA Qayum will seek nomination from BNP in the election.
Abdul Qayum brought BNP’s form for the Jamalpur-2 (Islampur) seat in the 11th National Assembly election. MA Qayum, who served as IG of Police from 2005 to 2006, was born in 1948 in Pakshimara village of Bakshiganj police station in Jamalpur district. Qayum joined Bangladesh Police in 1973. He served as Assistant Inspector General of Police Headquarters, Deputy Inspector General (DIG), Commissioner of DMP and Principal of Sarada Police Academy.
This time also he is in the electoral voice. Buy nomination form for Jamalpur-2 seat. But not from Awami League, but from BNP. Only if BNP goes to the polls.
Former ASP Sheikh Ataur Rahman wants nomination from Satkhira-4 constituency.
Former Senior ASP Sheikh Ataur Rahman of Beer Muktijoddha Police is hoping to get nominated from Satkhira-4 Constituency. He is a member of Satkhira District Awami League Advisory Council and Kaliganj Thana Awami League and Ulama League Central Committee Advisor. In order to get the final nomination, one has to compete with the current Member of Parliament Jaglul Haider.
Sheikh Ataur Rahman, who lost in the upazila elections, said, “I was involved in the investigation of Bangabandhu’s murder case.” That is why I was forced to retire during the BNP period. I was there to catch Bangla Bhai. I was ready for the parliamentary elections. I could not because of conflict in upazila elections. I want to be the captain of the boat in the twelfth parliamentary election.
Mahbub Uddin gives guard of honor to Mujinagar Sarkar who is seeking nomination on a boat in Barisal.
Mahbub Uddin Ahmed of Amanatganj of Barisal Sadar Upazila was awarded the Bir Bikram title for his bravery in the war of independence. Hero freedom fighter Mahbub Uddin Ahmed was the police administrator of Jhenaidah subdivision in 1971. Mahbub Uddin Ahmed jumped into the liberation war when the Pakistan Army started mass killings on the night of March 25.
Mahbub who gave guard of honor to Mujibnagar government is known as SP Mahbub in the area. On the night of last Eid-ul-Azhar, he suddenly came to the discussion by organizing a breakfast for the party leaders and workers at his house.
Mahbub Uddin, who lost his police job after the assassination of Bangabandhu, is now hoping for a boat nomination. He told, I want the nomination of the boat. The leader knows what I did, what my relationship was with Bangabandhu. I didn’t try it before, I’m doing it now. If you search the area, you will know my location.
Meanwhile, former Additional IGP Abdur Rahim Khan is seeking the nomination of Boat from Bagerhat-4 seat.
Besides, former Additional IGPs include Nurul Alam, Ali Imam Chowdhury, Khandaker Mozammel Haque, Gholam Mostafa, Abdul Mannan, former DIG Dewan Habibullah, Safiq Ullah, Khandaker Sahib Ali, Kazi Nazrul Islam, Mokhlesur Rahman, Shah Alam Sikdar and at least two dozen former police officers want nomination of Awami League.
Former secretary Abu Alam Md. Shahid Khan is looking positively at the joining of retired government officials in the nomination race for the parliamentary elections. He said, politics should be in the hands of politicians. However, if someone wants to join politics after retirement, the constitution does not prevent it. Therefore, it is not a negative thing. Rather, it can be somewhat positive.
Criticizing the Representation of the People Order (RPO), he said it is a black law. In other countries, government officials can also be elected. If you win, you have to leave your job, if you lose, you stay in your job. We don’t have that in our country. If potato-potol traders can do politics here, then why can’t retirees from government jobs? They didn’t give a damn that they will never do politics.
Confirming that he will never be a candidate for any party, he said that political parties should take retired government officials into politics.

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