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Bangladesh - January 4, 2024

24 out of 25 companies failed to import eggs

Staff Correspondent: Ministry of Commerce approved 25 companies to import eggs. Only one of these institutions is able to import a small amount. The other 24 firms failed to import. The Ministry of Commerce says that the main objective was not to import, but to bring prices under control. Meanwhile, poultry farmers have announced to build their own 10 farms to control the price of eggs and chicks.
Dipankar Sarkar, the leader of BDS Corporation, the only egg importer, told that the biggest challenge in importing eggs was the certificate issue.
Another 2 lakh 10 thousand eggs will enter the country. Imported from India and reached Dhaka, each egg cost Tk 8.87. Although the first shipment of eggs made a profit, it was not possible to collect the cost of living and eating for a month in India. Currently, the price of eggs is slightly higher there. Still there will be no loss if you import.
In the first round, four establishments were given permission to import eggs. Among them, the leader of Messrs. Meem Enterprises Yar Hossain said that the price did not fall. Imports were difficult due to high taxes. An application was also made to the Ministry for tax reduction. In the end it was not possible to import eggs.
According to sources of the Ministry of Commerce, on September 17, four companies were given permission to import 4 crore eggs. On September 21, 6 more companies were given permission to import 4 crore eggs. Then on October 8, in the third phase, 5 more companies were allowed to import 5 crore eggs. After that 10 more institutions were approved. But in the first week of November only one company managed to import 61,950 eggs. After that, not a single egg entered the country.
Bangladesh Poultry Association says that the prices of eggs, chickens and chicks in the market have increased abnormally due to the syndicate. This syndicate is mainly controlled from Tejgaon market. However, 10 shelters are being built in the capital to break the syndicate. They said that they have taken this initiative to create smart poultry industry by reducing the violence of middlemen, break feed and chick syndicates.
When asked about the non-importation of eggs, an official of the Ministry of Commerce told that the main objective of the government was not to import eggs, but to control the price; That is why the import was allowed. After the approval of imports, the prices in the market started to fall.
According to Bangladesh Poultry Association, warehouse was inaugurated in Gobindpur Bazaar of ShanirAkhra of the capital last Tuesday. Warehouse will be built in Kaptan Bazar, Tejgaon, Karwan Bazar, Mohammadpur Town Hall Bazar, Uttara, Mirpur, Khilkhet Bazar, Rampura Bazar, Badda and Kamrangirchar in phases.
Yesterday, each egg was sold at Tk 9.40 in the capital’s wholesale market. And the retail sale went from Tk 10.50 to Tk 11.50. Amanat Ullah, President of Tejgaon Egg Traders Association, said that usually the price of eggs is low in the months of November-December. At this time there is sufficient supply of vegetables, fish and duck eggs in the market. Because of this, the price of farm eggs is low.

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