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Bangladesh - January 4, 2024

Bangladesh will walk path of blue economy

Staff Correspondent: Sea resourcesare giving hand to the economy of Bangladesh. At the same time, various steps are being taken in the development of tourism. According to related sources, various ministries and departments related to blue economy will follow the same path in the new year.
Recently, among the various ministries and departments of the government, the Forest Department has planned to contribute significantly to the green economy. Already conducting various activities along the coast. In addition to increasing blue carbon reserves in coastal areas, conservation and protection of aquatic biodiversity, ecotourism is also being developed. But some activities are short term and some activities are long term.

One of the short-term ones is to create an integrated database of coastal and marine resources and biodiversity. Apart from this, creating a check list of afforestation, coastal and marine wildlife.
It is known that the coastal afforestation program is being implemented along the entire coast with newly raised pastures. From 1966 to date, mangrove plantations have been created on a total of more than 252,000 hectares of land. Apart from this, a project called Sundarbanprotection is underway to control forest and wildlife crime. After this there is a project called Sundarban Tiger Conservation Project being implemented.
Along with the blue economy, a project called eco-friendly tourism has been taken up in the Sundarbans as a tourist center. Mainly the objective of this project is to increase the attraction of ecotourism in Sundarbans. However, facilities for tourists are being increased here.
Saint Martin Island has 18 species of marine biodiversity. Besides this there are various species of sea birds and corals and fishes. Efforts are being made to make these scenes more attractive for tourists. Those concerned think that these activities will play a special role in Sunil’s economy.
It is known that more than 15 ministries and departments are associated with blue economy. The Energy Department is looking for gas in the deep sea. Blue economy has a close relationship with gas. A separate cell has been constituted for Sunil Economics. Representatives of various ministries and departments are working closely in this cell.
The Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism has taken various initiatives to develop the tourism industry. Following this, various tourist spots are being developed. Not only that, new activities are being undertaken to attract tourists, according to related sources.

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