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Bangladesh - January 4, 2024

54 cos gained 100pc capital

Staff Correspondent : The share price of Paramount Insurance was 38 taka 40 paisa on 14th May, which stood at 77 taka 10 paisa on 18 September. The share price of this insurance company increased by 38 taka 70 paisa or 100.78 percent. Similarly, the share price of Simtex Industries, a textile sector company, increased by 13 taka 80 paisa or 100 percent at a certain time last year. The share price of the company was 13 taka 80 paisa on 26 February, which reached 27 taka 60 paisa on 3 November.
In this way, shares of various companies made significant capital gains in the capital market that was cut by recession last year. But most of its companies are under-capitalized and loss-making. Data analysis of Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) for the year 2023 shows that 54 companies have gained capital from 50 to 100 percent in share price.
Among these companies, Paramount Insurance paid 10 percent cash dividend to shareholders for the financial year ended 2021-22. In the financial year under review, the company’s Earnings per Share (EPS) stood at Tk 1 87 paise and Net Asset Value per Share (NAVPS) stood at Tk 25 81 paise. The ‘A’ category company has a paid-up capital of Tk 40 crore 66 lakh against the authorized capital of Tk 60 crore.
At present, 48.48 percent of the total share is in the hands of entrepreneurs.
Institutional investors hold 25.72 percent shares and foreign investors hold 2.02 percent shares. And the remaining 25.78 percent shares are held by ordinary investors.
Second on the list of capital gains, Simtex Industries paid 10 per cent cash dividend to shareholders in the financial year 2022-23 ended June. In the financial year under discussion, EPS of the company stood at 82 paise and NAVPS stood at 22 41 paise. The authorized capital of the ‘B’ category company is Tk 100 crores. However, its paid up capital is Tk 79 crore 59 lakh.
Currently, 31.65 percent of the company’s total shares are in the hands of entrepreneurs. Institutional investors hold 8.62 percent of the shares. And the remaining 59.73 percent shares are held by ordinary investors.
Among the companies with less than 100 percent capital gain, the share price of Jute Spinners in the jute sector was Tk 214 40 paise on 18 April 2023, which reached Tk 415 80 paise on 31 May. Accordingly, the price has increased by 201 taka 80 paisa or 93.93 percent. Jute sector company Sonali Anshe’s share price was 388 taka 40 paisa on January 29 last year, which reached to taka 745 60 paisa on October 25. The share price increased by 357 taka 20 paisa or 91.96 percent. The share price of insurance sector company Meghna Life Insurance was 29 taka 90 paisa on May 11 last year, which reached to taka 56 60 paisa on July 27. The share price increased by 26 taka 70 paisa or 89.29 percent.
Among the companies in the next position in the list, Heidelberg Cement in the cement sector has 88.49 percent capital gain and Premier Cement has 55.28 percent capital gain. Among the companies in the insurance sector, 87.05 percent of Continental Insurance, 84.90 percent of Sunlife Insurance, 74.06 percent of Republic Insurance, 72.11 percent of Janata Insurance, 71.73 percent of United Insurance, 69.84 percent of Eastern Insurance, Asia Pacific General Insurance 69.80 percent, Islami Commercial Insurance 67.55 percent, Pragti Life Insurance 67.1 percent, Prime Islami Life Insurance 66.34 percent, Dhaka Insurance 63.09 percent, Agrani Insurance 54.14 percent, Karnaphuli Insurance 52.70 percent , 52.63 percent of Express Insurance, 52.01 percent of Popular Life Insurance and 51.10 percent capital gain in shares of Northern Insurance.
Apart from this, 85.20 percent of the company Navana Pharmaceuticals and 58.63 percent of the shares of Orion Infusion in the drug and chemical sector were capital gains last year. Among the companies in the food and related sector, the capital gain in shares of Fu Wang Food is 85.10 percent, Meghna PET Industries 77.61 percent, Rangpur Dairy and Food Products 65.45 percent, Beach Hatchery 62.80 percent and Bangaj 56.11 percent.
In the textile sector, 79.58 percent of Alif Industries, 77.78 percent of Pacific Denims, 77.52 percent of Tasrifa Industries and 56.38 percent of Al-Hajj Textiles have capital gains. 79.66 percent of IT sector companies Amara Networks and 58.72 percent of ADN Telecom; In the energy and power sector, 78.23 percent of Intraco Re-Fueling Stations and 53.92 percent of Eastern Lubricants Blenders share capital gain in 2023.
Meanwhile, 77.7 percent of engineering sector companies Oimex Electrode, 75 percent of Aziz Pipes, 56.14 percent of Daffodil Computers Limited and 55.39 percent of Suhƒd Industries; 76.28 percent of jute sector company Northern Jute Manufacturing; 71.51 percent of Samrita Hospital and 66.40 percent of Eastern Housing in service and housing sector, 75.49 percent of Midland Bank in banking sector and 60.60 percent capital gain in CAPIM IBBL Islamic Mutual Fund.
Among companies in various sectors, shares of SK Trim & Industries gained 60.69 percent, Sinobangla Industries 56.23 percent, National Feed Mills 54.40 percent and leather sector company Apex Footwear gained 54.75 percent. Besides, the share price of paper and printing sector companies Paper Processing and Packaging increased by 76.12 percent, Haqqani Pulp and Paper Mills by 52.91 percent and Bangladesh Monospool Paper Manufacturing by 50.58 percent.

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