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Bangladesh - June 15, 2023

4.5 km flyover to open before Eid

Gazipur-Airport route

Protap Gope, Gazipur: The construction of 20 km BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) line on Gazipur-Tongi-Uttara-Airport corridor is in final stage. In the meantime, Road Transport and Bridges Minister ObaidulQuader has inaugurated a part of the flyover project from Uttara House Building to Tongi Station. The other part of the project, the four-and-a-half-kilometer elevated flyover from House Building to Cheragh Ali, will also be opened before Eid-ul-Azha. The minister has given instructions to start traffic on both sides of the airport flyover ahead of Eid. Accordingly, the work is going on vigorously. Before Eid, both sides of the airport road and Jasimuddin road-adjacent route will also be opened. It will end the long suffering, travel will return relief.
It is known that the BRT line is being constructed in the Gazipur-Tongi-Uttara-Airport corridor to build a comfortable, cost-effective, environment-friendly, modern, sustainable and safe urban transport system. Four and a half kilometers elevated flyover and bridge from House Building to Cheraghali. Of this, three and a half kilometers are six-lane roads. One kilometer two lane road. Six elevated stations and a 10-lane bridge are being constructed.
50 articulated buses will be purchased through international tender for this route. These vehicles will sometimes move on the ground and sometimes on elevated roads. If this rapid transit line starts, sufferings Dhaka-Gazipur road can be crossed in just 40 minutes. Buses will meet on this route every one and a half to three minutes.
The chief engineer of the Directorate of Roads and Highways. Ishaq told, “Road Transport and Bridges Minister ObaidulQuader has given instructions to open some parts of the BRT lane before Eid.” In the light of the instructions, the project stakeholders are working tirelessly day and night. Hopefully, it will be possible to open both sides of Jasimuddin Road and Airport Road in Uttara soon. Besides, four and a half kilometer elevated flyover will also be opened. Before Eid, there will be no difficulty in moving on this road. Tongi can be easily reached from the airport.
He said that it is possible to complete the work of all stations up to Bhogra before Eid. Installation of 47 out of 54 PC girders of Jaydevpur flyover has been completed. Only seven left. As per the review by the Chief Engineer of SOAZ regarding the girders of the intersection flyover – action has been taken after discussion with BUET and inspection. A letter has been given to Buet in this regard.
It has been found that the work of this project started in December 2012 and will be completed in June 2022. But the project is not finished yet. There is no limit to the suffering of people traveling on this route. Traffic on this route increases several times during Eid. As a result, one has to stand on the 20 km road for hours. However, Roads and High Ways said that the road will be relieved before Eid.
The project is jointly implemented by Road Transport and Highways Department, Local Government Engineering Directorate (LGED) and Bangladesh Bridge Authority (BBA) at a cost of Tk 426.83 crore. The project is being financed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the French Development Agency (AFD) and the Global Environment Facility (GEF) alongside the Government of Bangladesh.
Related sources said that through the entire project, 20.5 km of road development, 16 km of works, including seven flyovers. One of these is being implemented through an agreement. A variation of the package is in process. According to that variation – the physical progress of the package is 90.05 percent and the financial progress is 73 percent. The progress of construction of 4.5 km flyover under Bangladesh Bridge Authority is 85 percent.
On the other hand, the progress of two packages under LGED is 100%. Overall physical progress of the project is 88.3 percent and financial progress is 80 percent. The allocation for the current financial year is Tk 302 crore, of which Tk 266 crore has been spent. Remaining Tk 36 crore can be spent this financial year. However, the progress of the contractor’s work is not as expected. Efforts are underway to complete the airport flyover in this financial year. Traffic has already started on one side. Traffic on the other side will be able to start in July.
Work on part of Roads
10-lane Tongi Bridge will be constructed by Roads and Public Ways Department. Besides, they will build 16 km road development and widening, BRT lanes, seven flyovers, 19 BRT stations, 20 km chain and two terminals. Underground pedestrian tunnel adjacent to Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport will also be constructed under this section. On the other hand, Roads will install solar powered road lights.
Objective of project
To facilitate communication with Dhaka, this road construction project is being implemented from Gazipur Airport and Uttara House Building to TongiCheragali Market. If the project is implemented, 25 thousand people will be able to travel every hour through 100 articulated buses. Dhaka-Mymensingh highway will also reduce traffic congestion. Travel time will be less. Vehicle owners will also benefit by being able to up-down more often than before.
On the other hand, passengers can reach the workplace quickly. As a result, efficiency will increase, which will give a huge boost to the economy. Passengers will also benefit economically. Their standard of living will improve. The money earned through the sale of 100 articulated bus tickets will strengthen the revenue sector of the government.

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