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Bangladesh - Technology - September 23, 2021

5G to be launched at end of 2021: Joy

Industry Desk: Prime Minister’s Information andCommunication Technology Affairs Adviser Sajeeb Wazed Joy has revealed thelaunching of 5G service in the country to take place at the end of this year.
“We are aiming to launch 5G (and) planning to pilot it at the end of thisyear,” he said at a business roundtable in New York.
The government is pledge-bound to provide broadband internet to the lastmile, he said, adding Bangladesh actually doesn’t a have a shortage ofcapacity and bandwidth.
“We have plenty of capacity and plenty of fibers (Optical fiber),” he said,noting that the bottleneck being faced is the last mile connection.
Joy observed that people (users in the last mile) are not connected withthe internet through fixed lines rather they use mobile internet.
He continued, “So, the challenges we face is spectrum incapacity. Becauseof our population density, we need a lot of spectrum and just sharedadditional spectrum in auction, and we are in the process of freeing morespectrum for the mobile operators.” Mentioning that they’ve launched 4G a few years ago, he said “. . . we arehoping that the additional spectrum will allow the mobile operators to take4G to the rural areas (last mile).”
He went on saying, “with this together (4G and 5G) we are trying to solvethe last mile problem . . . as there is plenty of capacity and fiber withinthe country and connecting the outside.”
US-Bangladesh Business Council organized the business roundtable onSeptember 21 in honor of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, who is now in New Yorkto attend the 76th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).
The Premier virtually joined the roundtable titled “Bangladesh Forward:
The New Frontier for Growth” from Lotte New York Palace here on Tuesday.
Highlighting the country’s mobile connection coverage, the ICT Advisersaid in the last two years, they’ve launched online identity (KYC) and just afew weeks ago, introduced another service that enables instant payment to anybank account in Bangladesh.
Until now (before the launch of this service) it took up to two days forpayment, he added.
Joy urged the participants at the roundtable to look into these, saying,”You can’t miss these services coming online. Your system can connect to them. . .”
He said they are also in the process of piloting a few other digital payment systems as well and one is IDPP that allows the MFS to interconnect in the country. “So, these are services we are in the process of launching and happy to work with you on connecting to these and any other ideas you may have,” he added.

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