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Bangladesh - Corporate - September 23, 2021

No step to bring back siphoned money

PK Halder scam

Golam Mostafa Jibon:Though, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) with the directive of Metropolitan Session Judge and Senior Special Judge Court in Dhaka has issued a notification for attachment of the immovable wealth worth at around Tk 161.58 crore belonging to Proshanta Kumar Halder alias PK Halder, also former Managing Director (MD) of NRB Global Bank Limited and Reliance Finance Limited and some of his close associates, no visible steps to bring back the money siphoned abroad by the cycle is being noticed so far that raises various questions.
According to the court directive, ACC has also moved to freeze around 585 bank counts of 64 persons including PK Halder for involvement with various offensive activities including misappropriating and siphoning money.
Experts seem that, the initiative like forfeiting wealth and freezing the bank accounts will not be enough to stop the corruption and anomalies in banking and financial sector, if the siphoned money is not possible to bring back. It’s a sign of ruination the country’s economic foundation. The government should take steps to bring back the money from abroad as well as ensure punishment to all, who were engaged in such corruptions and anomalies.
On the basis of various complaints, ACC launched investigation against PK Halder and his associates. After a long time investigation, ACC found evidences of earning huge illegal wealth and siphoning huge amount of money abroad.
According to the order of the court on Money Laundering Prevention Act, ACC recently issued a notification attaching immovable wealth of over Tk 161.58 crore purchased with the name of PK Halder and his relatives. Besides, the ACC issued notice to freeze bank accounts of 64 persons including PK Halder.
Of them, some 35 accounts of PK Halder, nine accounts of his close associate Mizanur Rahman, 78 accounts of Nowsherul Islam, five accounts of Momtaz Begum, 14 accounts of Ashutosh Chowdhury, 54 accounts of Uthpal Mozumder, 33 accounts of Bashudev Banarjee, 12 accounts of Papia Banarjee, seven accounts of Pritish Kumer Halder, 10 accounts of Afroza Suria Mozumder, seven accounts of Proshanto Deuri, four accounts of Md Mostafizur Rahman, 14 accounts of Swapan Kumer Mistri, five accounts of Kazi Momrez Mahmud, eight accounts of Amitav Adhikary, one account of Rezaur Rahman, 22 accounts of Subroto Das, seven accounts of Anita Kar, 12 accounts of Dr. Uddab Mollik, seven accounts of Mostain Billah, 13 accounts of Shah Alam Sheikh, 19 accounts of Ananga Mohan Roy, 15 accounts of Shoma Ghosh, 10 accounts of Sudev Kumar Bhowmik, 18 accounts of Moinul Islam Mithu, two accounts of Sanjib Kumar Howlader, one account of Rajib Shome, two accounts of Ratan Kumar Biswas, eight accounts of Omar Sharif, four accounts of Uzzal Kumar Nandi, four accounts of Atashi Mridha, seven accounts of Mohammad Abu Rajeb Maruf, eight accounts of Shankha Bepari, 13 accounts of Ram Proshad Roy, 10 accounts of Erfan Uddin Ahmed, two accounts of Zamil Mahmud, six accounts of Imran Hossain, one account of Avijit Adhikari Tirtha, six accounts of Anindita Mridha, two accounts of Milon Kumar Das, eight accounts of Subra Rani Ghosh, 11 accounts of Uttam Kumar Mistri, one account of Sushmita Saha, one account of Sukumar Saha, three accounts of Delwar Hossain, 12 accounts of Abantika Baral, two accounts of Rezaur Karim, one account of Irfan Ahmed Khan, 46 accounts of Amal Chandra Das, three accounts of Gopal Gangly, four accounts of Mahfuza Rahman Baby, two accounts of Tofazzal Hossain, 12 accounts of Amal Krishna Das, six accounts of Moshiur Rahman, four accounts of Sabbir Ahmed, six accounts of Munirul Islam, two accounts of Ikbal Sayeed, 27 accounts of Arun Kumar Kunda, 11 accounts of Siddiqur Rahman, two accounts of Ensan Ali Sheikh, two accounts of Hafiza Khanam, three accounts of Lilabati Halder, five accounts of Purnima Rani Halder and five accounts of Shimu Roy have been ordered to freeze.
According to the ACC, PK Halder has embezzled thousands crore of Taka from various financial institutions. Although, he once wanted to return to the country on condition of refunding money, he later did not return to the country in fear of arrest.
Earlier, the ACC sought the help of Interpol through the Home Ministry to bring PK Halder back to the country. Interpol wanted documents of all the cases filed against PK Halder in response to the application. Later on, December 2 last, Dhaka Metropolitan Senior Special Judge KM Imrul Kayesh issued a warrant for the arrest of PK Halder through Interpol.
Dr. Iftekharuzzaman, Executive Director of TIB said, “If the government is not alert about such money launderers, country’s financial foundation will be vulnerable shortly. Exemplary punishment must be ensured against such illegal money makers with a view to resist malpractices.”
Seeking anonymity, a senior officer of ACC said, “We have already taken several steps to bring back the money from abroad. Besides, surveillance has been beefed up everywhere in which none can siphon such large amount of money abroad anyhow in future.”

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