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Bangladesh - Corporate - November 5, 2023

62,000 eggs came from India thru Benapole

First shipment

Benapole Correspondent: 61 thousand 950 eggs were imported from India for the first time through Benapole of Jessore. The import price of which is shown as $2,988.40.
A vehicle carrying a consignment of eggs from Petrapole port in India entered Benapole port on Sunday (November 5) evening. The representatives of the importer said that more eggs will come gradually in this way.
The first imported egg importer is BDS Corporation of Rampura, Dhaka. The exporter is a company named Kanup of Tripura, India. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Commerce has given permission to 18 companies to import 18 crore eggs.
It is known that the import price of each egg coming from Benapole is shown as Tk 5.43. The government duty on it is Tk 1.80. If LC cost, export cost, port charge, C&F charge, transport cost are taken into account Tk 9.50 to Tk 10. These eggs will be sold in the market for highest Tk 12 per piece. (See Page-2)
(From Page-1)
On October 8, the Ministry of Commerce approved the import of five crore eggs to five companies. Earlier on September 18, four companies were given permission to import four crore eggs. On September 21, the Ministry of Commerce approved the import of another 6 crore eggs. Imported eggs will be sold at the retail level at a price set by the government at Tk 12 per piece.
This was confirmed by the Public Relations Officer of the Ministry of Commerce Haider Ali. He said several conditions have been imposed for each shipment of imported eggs. One of which is the certificate of freedom from avian influenza or bird flu virus and harmful bacteria must be submitted by the government of the exporting country. To pay the duties or taxes prescribed by the government. Prohibited goods can’t be imported. Other regulations of the government must be followed.
He also said that because eggs were not imported in the country before, the importers took some time to get this certificate and the eggs were delayed. Haider Ali.
Rezaul Karim, Acting Director of Benapole Land Port, said that the port authority is assisting in the quick clearance of the consignment of eggs imported from India.

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