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Bangladesh - November 5, 2023

Picture of whole day changed in the evening

Staff Correspondent: The first day of the 48-hour blockade called by the BNP-Jamaat has ended rather loosely. Despite the fear, the city dwellers came out on the streets all day long. But that picture changes as evening falls. Let fear of blockade work in everyone. As a result, the traffic on the road is completely reduced in the evening. There is very little human traffic.
Residents of the city say that BNP-Jamaat sudden in picketing in the morning and evening during the blockade. Before you know it, the car is on fire. Many are in danger. That is why they are returning home after completing the necessary work in the evening.
On Sunday evening, several areas known as ‘busy roads’ of the capital were seen. On the day before the second phase of the blockade, between evening and 10 pm, there were at least four bus fires in the capital. Among them were passenger buses. Drivers and passengers feel that the movement of cars and people on the road has decreased due to that fear.
After visiting some roads, it is known that there is traffic jam on Kuril-Rampura road till midnight. However, passengers have to wait at least 10 minutes to get a bus if they stand on this road in the evening. The road from Mirpur Road, Gulshan to Shyamoli Shishu Mela and even Vijay Sarani has very little traffic.
Around 6 pm, passengers were seen standing at the wireless gate area of Mohakhali, waiting for the bus. While waiting for the bus there, a person named Rabiul Islam told, “There are no cars on this road in the evening – it is surprising to think.” Even during the blockade last week, there was no such situation. He believes that there are fewer vehicles on the road this evening because the bus was set on fire on Saturday (November 4) evening.
Ramima Newaz works in a mobile operator company in Gulshan-1. He used to come and go from his home in Hemayetpur. He was seen waiting for a bus in the evening in front of DNCC Market in Gulshan-1. He told, ‘I left the office later the other day. The boss has already given up the blockade for this reason. Still, I can’t get a car. From here I will go to Gabtali. Then take another bus to go home. At night, everyone in the family worries.
Chiddikur Rahman, the driver of Baisakhi Paribahan, who came from Savar to Gulshan-1 told, “The road is completely empty.” There are no passengers on the way. I saw some passengers going from here to there (Gulshan to Agargaon-Shyamoli). We will now take the bus shelter and keep it there. Don’t run anymore.’
Achim Transport runs to Demra Staff Quarter via Mirpur-Kalshi-Kuril-Bada-Rampura. However, after evening, most of the buses of this transport are going to Rampura. Ashim Paribahan driver Soleman told, “The owner is forbidding to go after Rampura.” On the other hand, the road is not good (dangerous). Jan Shyash was killed when the BNP-Shibir fire started.
Meanwhile, although there are fewer buses, CNG and rickshaws are seen on the roads. However, the rickshaw pullers say that they are not getting many people returning from office after evening. Even though there is a crowd of people returning home from office after evening on a normal day, it was not visible today.
Jahangir Alam drives a regular rickshaw from BaddaUluf area to Rampura Kachha Bazar. He said, ‘Today I saw less car and came here in the evening. But less people. I don’t understand where all the office people went. It seems they have already gone back.
Imarul Islam, an employee of a private company, was walking along that road. After hearing the conversation with the rickshaw driver, he stood up himself. He said, “There are about 150 workers in his office. Those whose homes are far away have already received leave. They returned home before evening. Those who are on the way to their homes, came out a little late.
Badda Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Abdul Qayyum told, “There is no lack of security on the road. There is no reason for people to panic. The police are working to ensure the safety of people.
Deputy Commissioner of Police (DC) of Ramna Zone of Traffic Police. Zainul Abedin told, “It is not completely correct that cars are less. The road is crowded with cars and people. Maybe there is less traffic on some routes, so cars may seem less.

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