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World wide - December 12, 2023

Biden provides arms to Israel by passing US Congress

International Desk: US President Joe Biden’s administration has bypassed Congress and sold tank shells to Israel. In addition, they reportedly do not conduct ongoing assessments of whether Israel is committing war crimes. The Biden administration may be under investigation in these incidents.
A few days ago, the United States commented that Israel should declare a ceasefire for the sake of humanity. However, after that they vetoed a proposal for a cease-fire in the war between Hamas and Israel brought to the United Nations. This time, it was learned that Joe Biden’s government has provided about 14,000 tank shells to Israel by applying special rights on an emergency basis.
The State Department used the emergency powers of the Arms Export Control Act to sell 13,000 tank shells to Israel as soon as possible, bypassing Congress. The Pentagon said this in a statement on Saturday. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken took the rare route of using emergency powers to avoid congressional review of potential arms sales to Israel. The emergency declaration was sent to the Congress on Friday night. The price of these bullets is $10.60 million.
Arms sales to any country like this do not happen very often in the United States. Usually, the concerned committee of the Congress reviews and gives a decision within 20 days after receiving such a request. The committee scrutinizes the proposal and asks for information, if any. Sometimes congressional committees criticize proposals or may not approve arms sales. However, due to the application of emergency powers, none of these are happening now.
Several international human rights protection organizations have expressed concern over this incident, saying that the way the US has been talking about reducing civilian casualties in this war for so long, their latest actions do not match that. America has supplied those ammunitions without waiting for the consideration and approval of the American Congress.
According to the Pentagon, the shipment was sent as part of a larger deal to sell arms to Israel. According to news agency sources, according to the larger contract, America was supposed to supply 45,000 tank shells to Israel. The price of which is $50 million. But in the current situation, the surveillance of the American Congress on where and in what cases the weapons made in America are being used has become stricter. In this case, before that approval, America sent the shells by applying special laws.
On the other hand, Israel escalated its attacks on Gaza after the US vetoed the UN ceasefire resolution. Israel has intensified its attacks on Khan Yunis, one of the most important cities in southern Gaza. About 18,000 Palestinians have died in the war so far. About 50,000 were injured. 40 percent of those killed were under 18 years of age.

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