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Bangladesh - Diplomatic - World wide - April 4, 2022

Biden sees stronger BD-US ties in future

Diplomatic Correspondent: US President Joe Biden has expressed his optimism that Dhaka-Washington partnership would flourish in the next 50 years and beyond. In a letter to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, he said Bangladeshis and Americans alike share the ideals of democracy, equality, and respect for human rights those are the foundation for healthy, secure, and prosperous societies.
“I am confident our partnership will continue to flourish for the next 50 years and beyond,” he said in the letter marking 50-year milestone in the bilateral relationship between the US and Bangladesh.
The US president said that the drive, resourcefulness, and innovation of Bangladeshis – rebuilding after the 1971 war and now forging a path of economic growth and development – serve as a model for rest of the world.
“We are proud of our partnership on development, economic growth and counterterrorism,” Biden said adding that the two countries work together to address the climate crisis, help the Rohingya survivors of genocide and support UN peace keeping worldwide. He mentioned the two nations are connected through familial, academic and commercial ties since 1958, when Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman participated in a 30-day exchange programme in the US.
“Our defense cooperation is stronger than ever,” the US president said adding that the Bangladesh Coast Guard and Navy are invaluable partners in ensuring a free and open Indo-Pacific region, contributing to the regional effort to end and the trafficking of people and illicit drugs.
Biden said the US and Bangladesh together met the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic while Washington has donated more than 61 million vaccine doses and provided over 131 million US dollars in assistance to Dhaka.

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