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Bangladesh - April 4, 2022

Underground Metrorail works to start in June

19.82 km subway to be the first in BD

Mahfuja Mukul: The country’s first underground metro rail will run from the airport to Kamalapur, touching Kuril, Nadda and Badda. The length of this section will be 19.82 kilometers. If all goes well, the construction of the depot will start next June. This time the project area will have special importance on the environment. Noise and air pollution will be prevented as much as possible. No fossil fuels will be used.
Dhaka Mass Transit Company Limited (DMTCL) said that the construction work will start from Kamalapur.According to DMTCL sources, Dhaka Mass Transit Company (DMTCL) is made up of six metrorails as state-of-the-art public transport to reduce traffic congestion in Dhaka metropolis and surrounding areas and to improve the environment. Under this, a total of 129.901 kilometers of metro rail will be constructed. Of these, the flight is 7.629 km and the underground is 61.172 km. There will be 105 stations on the long route. Of these, 52 are flying and 53 are underground.
MRT line-1
This is the first subway metrorail in Bangladesh. Its total length is 31.21 kilometers. It is divided into two parts. The two parts are Airport Route (from Airport to Kamalapur) and Purbachal Route (from Natunbazar to Pitalganj Depot). The total length of the airport route is 19.72 km and the total number of subway stations is 12. The total length of Purbachal route is 11.389 km. The whole part flew and the total number of stations was 9. Natunbazar and Nadda stations will be constructed as part of the airport boot. There will be interchange at Natunbazar station. This interchange can be used to travel from Airport Route to Purbachal Route and from Purbachal Route to Airport Route. Detailed study survey and basic design of both the routes have been completed. Detailed design work is currently underway. Percentage of detailed design progress.
The progress of preparation of all tender documents for construction work is 8 percent. 92.9625 acres of land has been acquired in Pitalganj and Brahmankhali mouzas of Rupganjupazila of Narayanganj district for construction of MRT-1 depot and depot access corridor.
Additional Project Director of MRT Route-1 (Civil, Transport Planning and Utility) said. Mahbub-ul-Alamtold that the construction of the country’s first subway has come to an end.
Construction is expected to start from Kamalapur in June this year. I will be able to start the excavation of the subway in January 2023. We have come a long way in this regard. All the work that has to be done before the construction of the subway is in the final stages.
According to DMTCL, the progress of recruitment of consultants for construction work is 70 percent. On February 20, JICA agreed to the technical tender evaluation report of the depot land development package. The progress of recruitment of contractors for depot land development is 70 percent.
Under the MRT-1 project, a total of 31.24 kilometers of metro rail will be constructed from the airport to Kamalapur and from Natunbazar to Purbachal. The total cost of the project is estimated at Tk 52,561 crore. Of this, the Japanese government will provide 39,450 crore, the remaining 13,111 crore will come from government funds.
Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport-Khilkhet-Kuril-Jamuna Future Park-Badda-Rampura-Malibagh-Rajarbagh-Kamalapur and from Kuril to the west side of Kanchan Bridge.
Recommended station Airport, Khilkhet, Kuril, Jamuna Future Park, Natunbazar, Badda, Hatirjheel, Rampura, Malibagh, Rajarbagh, Kamalapur& Kuril, Bashundhara, Mastul, Purbachal West, Purbachal Center, Purbachal Terminal.
According to DMTCL, since Metrorail is fully electric, no fossil and liquid fuels will be used. As a result, there is no chance of air pollution. Metrorail will transport more passengers in a short period of time, so the use of small vehicles will be reduced in large numbers and the use of fossil and liquid fuels will be reduced. This will significantly reduce air pollution. There will be Month Spring System (MCC) under the railway track of Metrorail.
Construction Wilddie Rail will be used. There will be sound barrier walls on both sides of the viaduct of the flying metrorail and the ground adjacent to the tunnel of the underground metrorail will act as a sound barrier. As a result, noise and vibration pollution levels in Metrorail will be well below the norm. It will not have any negative impact on the overall environmental pollution, but will play a huge role in environmental development.
Project Manager (Environment and Health Safety) Mohammad Saiful Islam told Jago News that the excavation of the first subway metrorail will start suddenly. We attach special importance to environmental issues. So that the locals do not suffer while doing excavation, dusting and construction work. We talked to the locals. We will have only one goal so that there is no air pollution. What is the current level of air pollution in Dhaka, what will be after the start of the project – I am drawing various tables on the issue.
Construction of 21.28 km fly metro rail from Uttara Diabari to Motijheel is underway. Residents of the project area have suffered in various ways including dust. Will there be any such problem? In response to such a question, Mohammad Saiful Islam said, I am not in charge of MRT-6. However, I can say that the MRT-1 project has more than 16 kilometers of subway. So, there will be no problem here.
Even then, importance will be given to the environment and human barriers. Due to the project, the issue of dust, pollution and human health will be given more importance.

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