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Bangladesh - July 27, 2023

Both BNP, AL shifts their grand rallies to Friday

Tense situation continues

Special Correspondent: The major opposition BNP has finally shifted its grand rally to Friday because to resolve difference with police about the venues. In that case the BNP will hold the rally either in front of the party central office at Naya Paltan or at Suhrawardy Udyan.
On the other hand, Jubo League, Swachhasebak League and Chhatra League, the three wings of the ruling Awami league that were not given permission to hold a peace rally at the south gate of Baitu lMukarram on Thursday will also hold their rally at Agargaon on Friday as well.
General secretary of Swachhasebak League Afzalur Rahman Babu confirmed it saying that they need a day to ready the old trade fair venue for the rally.
A tense situation was developed at the last moment centering the opposition BNP’s rally in the city for a one-point demand of the resignation of the government. The party wanted Naya Paltan or SuhrawardyUdyan as venue for today’s rally, but the Metropolitan Police advised the BNP yesterday afternoon to hold its rally at Golapbagh ground next to the Sayedabad bus terminal.
Immediately after that, the BNP informed the police that they will not go to Golapbagh, they are also willing to hold a rally a day later, if necessary.
Later, BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir told reporters that they would hold the rally on Friday.
Meanwhile, a large number of leaders and activists have already arrived in the capital to join the rally. A crowd of visitors can be seen in front of the central office since yesterday afternoon.
The BNP on July 12 announced a one-point movement demanding the resignation of the government and elections under a neutral government. The movement started with bringing Road March programme.
After 10 days of one-point movement, party general secretary Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir announced today’s rally in Dhaka from the youth gathering at SuhrawardyUdyan. On that day, other parties and alliances of the simultaneous movement also called a mass meeting separately in Dhaka.
It is known that BNP has called this rally to take the movement of one party to the desired goal. Assuming that the government is not interested in solving the ‘electoral crisis’, the party has decided to implement its agitation plan now on the streets.
The BNP has taken all possible measures to make the “unprecedented” success of this mass meeting called in the capital for the last 5 days.
Party acting chairman Tarique Rahman gave a video speech calling upon the leaders and workers to make the today’s grand rally in Dhaka. Instructions have been given to ensure maximum attendance in all organizational units. The slogan “Let’s go, let’s go to Dhaka” has been raised among the leaders and workers.
Leaders and activists started coming to Dhaka, but there was no solution to the rally. It is learned that after DMP advised BNP to hold a rally at GolapBagh yesterday afternoon, senior leaders of BNP along with Mirza Fakhrul held a meeting at the party’s central office in NayaPaltan.
Later, the party leaders informed the police that they will not hold a rally at Golapbagh. If necessary, they are willing to hold a rally on Friday after a day. The police asked for time to give a decision.
It is known that the BNP and other partner parties are thinking of holding a grand rally in Dhaka and giving a two-day ultimatum to go on a continuous program from Sunday, July 30.
These programs may include demonstrations, rallies, demonstrations and sieges. This program can continue till August 10. During this period, there may be several rally programs in Dhaka on the same day. However, due to the National Day of Mourning on August 15, the program will be temporarily suspended by BNP and its like-minded partners. If the ruling party does not respond within this period, the BNP will continue its programme from August 20, which will continue until the demands are met. At this time, the party wants to take the movement to the desired goal with a programme of continuous protest in Dhaka.
It is known that if the rally is interrupted or if it is foiled, the programme may change. In that case, the leaders and activists can gather in several places of the capital and hold a rally or a programme of continuous protest may also come.
RuhulKabir Rizvi, joint secretary general of the party, said in a press conference yesterday, said today’s rally will be held peacefully. And BNP leaders and activists have come from the districts around Dhaka for the mass gathering. Everyone has started coming in a festive mood. This convention will be successful and fruitful.
While talking to several leaders of BNP, they said that the government will be in danger if the rally is obstructed. The environment will be hot. Locals and foreigners will also be active then. If not prevented, BNP will put pressure on the government through big programmes.
According to some like-minded parties of the BNP, the leaders have suggested giving a 48-hour ultimatum from the general assembly to announce something later. If the government does not respond to this, they have given permission to hold a continuous program from July 30. But everything depends on what kind of steps the government takes around the grand rally.
Meanwhile, more than 150 policemen are stationed on three sides of BNP’s central office in Nayapaltan of the capital. Along with that, water cannons and riot police are deployed there.
On the ground, a police team is stationed in front of the PaltanJame Masjid on the south side of the BNP office. There is a water cannon. There is another team of police on the north side of the office. There is a water cannon and a riot car. Another group of policemen is stationed on the street opposite the office.
Meanwhile, the ruling party is expecting presence of huge people at the peace rally. The three organizations have a target of attracting hundreds of thousands of activists in this rally. Leaders and activists from all districts of Dhaka Division have been strictly instructed to come to Dhaka.
At least a hundred buses of Jubo League, Swachhasebak League and Chhatra League from each district will leave for the grand rally in Dhaka. Special instructions have been given in this regard so that the buses are filled with activists.
Apart from Dhaka Division, leaders and activists from different areas of the country will come to Dhaka.
Awami League leaders will be on guard in every ward of the metropolis so that BNP leaders and activists cannot take a position in any place in the capital.

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