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hire skilled workers for DPDC
Bangladesh - March 11, 2022

Chinese contractor doesn’t
hire skilled workers for DPDC

Delay in project implementation

Al Ehsan: The Chinese contractor Tabian Electric Apparatus (TBEA) Co. Ltd did not hire skilled manpower as per the terms of the tender. This is delaying the development project taken for DPDC’s power transmission network. Despite repeated pleas in this regard, a very few progresses have been made on the project. Forced to do so, DPDC sent a warning letter to the Chinese contractor, Ministry sources said.
As per the sources Dhaka Power Distribution Company Limited (DPDC) undertook a project to develop its power transmission Network. The project titled ‘Expansion and Strengthening of Power system Network under DPDC Area’ was taken up in 2016. The works of the project include installation of 132 KV underground power line from Motijheel to Hatirjheel, construction of substation and restoration of old power lines of some buildings.
The government of Bangladesh and China financed it on a Government to Government (G2G) basis. The work was awarded to Chinese contractor named Tabian Electric Apparatus (TBEA) Co. Ltd Electric Apparatus Company Limited. But after getting the Tender, TBEA did not employ the required skilled manpower. The manpower was not recruited as per the skills and experience mentioned in the terms of the contract. Again, did not use standard equipment. The project work has been delayed due to objections.
Therefore, DPDC wants a detailed description of the educational and professional experience of those involved in the project. In this context, TBEA submitted the information in 2016. After reviewing that information, DPDC finds that it does not have the required information. As per the terms of the tender, in many cases the required qualified personnel were not recruited. DPDC has described the shortcomings of the list of those mentioned in the list.
At the same time, DPDC noted that the qualifications and skills of the manpower named in the list are not consistent with the project. If the workers mentioned in the contract are dropped from the project for any reason, they will have to recruit manpower of the same qualification again.
According to sources, DPDC again reviewed the progress of the entire project work in December 2020. DPDC then sent a review report to TBEA. It was mentioned there that Bangladesh has released the funds in time for the projects funded by the governments of Bangladesh and China. In this case, no delay was made by Bangladesh. But the project is not progressing as expected. For this, virtual meetings have been held more than once with TBEA and DPDC.
The meetings were attended by TBEA Chairman Zhang Shi and DPDC Managing Director Bikash Dewan. But DPDC emphasizes on a few parts of the work. In particular, the priority issues mentioned in the project implementation were not given importance. However, like other mega projects of Bangladesh government, this project is also considered with utmost importance.
The letter noted that the design and drawing were not in accordance with the terms of the contract. The design and drawing products submitted to DPDC also did not meet the demand. The products were not delivered on time. Observations have revealed that there is a shortage of TBEAs involved in the management of the project. It is feared that if the project continues, the TBEA authorities may face some kind of problem, which the governments of the two countries never expect. Meanwhile, a complaint has been lodged with the Planning Department of the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources regarding the quality of work of the project.
Commenting on the progress and current status of the project, DPDC Managing Director Bikash Dewan said, “The Company has slowed down some civil works. That’s why we gave the letter. The implementation of the project is getting a little late due to the organization. We have requested for the implementation of the project by recruiting the required skilled manpower as per the terms of the tender. After a delay Work has started to install power transmission lines in the buildings.’

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