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also shines in UN mission
Bangladesh - March 9, 2022

Bangladesh women police
also shines in UN mission

Presently 15,000 women working in police

Zarif Mahmud: The women police of the country are moving forward in parallel with men. In the meantime, he has been occupying various high positions in the army. Leading several units. They are also fearless at the sound of bombs exploding or the clanking of weapons. Facing difficult challenges, war-torn countries are taking part in UN peacekeeping missions. They are also very successful there. Gradually increasing participation. Brightening the image of the country.
The advancement of women in Bangladesh Police started in 1984 with only 14 members. At present, more than 15,000 women are working in all the units of the police. They are moving forward with the challenge with their male colleagues. From the police station to the traffic, from the control room to the field crime prevention and security – their footsteps everywhere. Not far behind in the UN peacekeeping mission.
The female members of the police are in this position today after overcoming many obstacles. For almost two years after their appointment in 1984, there was no uniform for female members of the police. In 1986, the force provided uniforms for its female members. Recruitment of women to the Bangladesh Police (BCS) began in 1986 with the joining of Fatema Begum as the first Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP).
Now women members are working in all police units starting from the police headquarters. There are also women leading some units. The eight Victim Support Centers across the country and the DMP’s Women Support and Investigation Division are run by women members. Many are also serving as circle SPs.
According to the Bangladesh Police Women Network, the total number of women working in different units of Bangladesh Police at present is 15,239, which is 8.02 percent of the total manpower of Bangladesh Police.
Members of the Bangladesh Police have been participating in UN peacekeeping operations since 1989 along with other forces. Women police officers joined the program in 2000.
According to the Bangladesh Police Women Network (BPWN), according to the latest information this year, 1,821 women police personnel have completed the UN peacekeeping mission so far. At present, 144 people have served in UN missions in different countries. Bangladeshi women are working in three UN peacekeeping operations in Darfur, Mali, DR Congo, South Sudan and the UN headquarters.
In addition, Bangladesh Police has sent a female officer to the Congo to address the challenge of implementing UN guidelines on gender issues, women and children.
On January 2 this year, the 160-member Women Formed Police Unit (FPU) of the Bangladesh Police went to Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, to take part in a UN peacekeeping mission.
According to BPWN, the contribution of women police officers in UN peacekeeping operations as an important partner in the transition from war to peace is undeniable. Bangladesh’s women peacekeepers have been advising women police officers in local areas to reduce gender-based violence, conflict and conflict, especially security for women and children. Thus, women are working as their main driving force in women’s empowerment and social development in the respective countries.
The country’s female police members have established themselves as role models in the mission community. As a result, the demand for Bangladeshi women police officers in UN peacekeeping operations is increasing day by day.
Police headquarters AIG (Media and PR) Kamruzzaman told that more than 15,000 women police personnel are working in all police units. They are moving forward with the challenge on par with the male members.
They are also handling responsibilities in big, important positions according to their qualifications and opportunities. Not only that, women police members also play a vital role in UN peacekeeping missions across the country. Like the male members, they are moving forward on an equal, equal challenge. Women have got unimaginable success in the police. Recognition also matched. After taking charge as IGP said. Benazir Ahmed emphasized on women and child friendly policing with the right direction.
He said Bangladesh Police has been participating in UN peacekeeping missions since 1989. Over the past three decades, the professionalism and efficiency of Bangladesh Police in peacekeeping missions has gained international acclaim. Formed police unit of Bangladesh Police has been sent to peacekeeping missions since 2005. Since 2011, a women’s formed police unit has been sent to the Congo. Since 2019, Bangladesh Police officers have been performing their duties in the mission with good reputation.
AIG Kamruzzaman further said that despite the global crisis situation of Kovid-19 Atimari, the members of Bangladesh Police are carrying out peacekeeping missions in Congo, Mali and South Sudan.
Amena Begum, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of the Special Branch of Police (SB) and President of Bangladesh Police Women Network, told that when I went on a UN peacekeeping mission in 2006, I was the only female officer (second in command) in the 140-member team. After the mission, I stayed in a room with other male officers, including my commando officer.
However, my bed was partitioned with a carton. The same bathroom we shared there. Everyone on the mission was like my brother. First of all, when I go to work, I don’t think of men or women. Secondly, I perform my duties in accordance with the By-Laws and Regulations.
He said that many times food cannot be obtained by hotel or order while going on a mission. Or you have to survive when fire, water and gas are not available. The UN gives us a meal. This is called Mill Ready to Eat (MRE). Eating this food may last for 7-8 days. A training course was conducted at the Tangail Police Training Center before going on a UN peacekeeping mission. Those whose names appear in the selection process and are finalized are sent to the training center.
Farida Yasmin, Special Superintendent of Police (Special Passport) of Bangladesh Police, told that the number of women members in UN peacekeeping missions has also increased. This is definitely a positive thing. At the United Nations since 2000, men as well as women have had the opportunity to work. Since 2010, female members of the Bangladesh Police have been visiting the United Nations in full.
When it comes to working in UN missions, there are the challenges of language problems, weather, different cultures and different environments. In this we also have to adapt. Our country’s women continue to work at the United Nations with dignity to keep the flag of their country intact.

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