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Bangladesh - September 13, 2021

City returns to old form with traffic congestion

Staff Correspondent: All schools and colleges in the country were reopened, as a result, long tails of traffic appeared in the capital on Sunday. On the second day of opening educational institutions, the intensity of the traffic congestion increased yesterday. For this, it seems that the capital has returned to its old form.
A horrible picture of traffic congestion was seen on almost every road in the capital since 9 am yesterday. The presence of extra rickshaws and private vehicles on the inner roads adjacent to the school-college was also noticeable.
One of the drivers of the ‘Raida Bus’, left from the capital’s Uttara to the airport bus station, told the correspondent that the traffic congestion has increased so much that it took about “an hour” to reach the airport from Uttara. On the spot, the number of buses as well as private vehicles with motorcycles was seen much higher on each road. Due to office time, there was extra pressure on every bus for office-going people as well as students and parents.
Shafiqul Islam Russell, a private employee, was waiting for a bus at the Khilkhet bus stand in the capital. “There is severe traffic congestion on the road. No empty seats were seen in the buses,” he said.
A police official at Banani Chairman Bari area said besides the office-going people, the students are crowding in the public transport from different stands, resulting in the creation of a long traffic tail in the capital.
Since the commencement of 100 percent public transport plying in the capital on August 19, traffic congestions have been seen almost every day and opening of schools-colleges after 543 days were added this. That is why rickshaws are plying on the road along with additional private vehicles.

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