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Bangladesh - April 5, 2023

Death in road accidents increased by 13.66pcin March

Industry Desk: Accidental deaths have increased by 13.66% in March compared to the previous month, according to a report of the Road Safety Foundation released yesterday.
Last month, the country experienced 486 road accidents which led to the tragic loss of at least 564 lives, which is a sizable jump from February’s 487.
The number of injured has also increased from 712 to 1,097.
The causes of road accidents include vehicles violating speed limits, reckless driving, issues concerning drivers’ salary and working hours, low-speed vehicles on highways,, physical and mental illness of drivers, youths driving motorcycles recklessly, lack of awareness and disobedience of traffic laws, weak traffic management, institutional weakness, extortion and faulty vehicles, reads the report.
According to the report, there were 88 women and 73 children among the dead. At least 194 people died in 179 motorcycle accidents, which is 34.39% of the total deaths. The motorcycle accident rate stands at 36.83%.
Meanwhile, 107 pedestrians were killed in the accidents, which contributed to 18.97% of the total fatalities.
Furthermore, 81 drivers and assistants died, which is 14.36% of the dead. During the month, 8 people were killed in 6 boat accidents, while 16 were killed and 4 were injured in 19 railway accidents.
The Road Safety Foundation prepared the report based on information from nine national dailies, seven online news portals and electronic media.
Dhaka saw the most deaths, amounting to 24, with 16 injured.
The Road Safety Foundation made some recommendations to minimise and prevent these incidents which include producing skilled drivers, setting fixed work hours, increasing the capacity of the BRTA, enforcing traffic laws, taking low-speed vehicles out of highways and creating separate roads for them.
On the other hand, the Passenger Welfare Association also published a report, where the number of accidents is 487, with 538 dead and 1138 injured.
According to the report, most accidents occurred on regional and national highways covering 35.11% – 33.06% of the total number of accidents.

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