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Determination of toll rate of Padma Bridge

Notification issued

Staff Correspondent: The government has issued a notification fixing the toll rate for crossing the Padma Bridge. According to him, the minimum toll for crossing this bridge is Tk 100 for motorcycles, Tk 2400 for big buses and Tk 6000 for trucks up to 4 axles.
A notification to this effect was issued on Tuesday (May 16) by the Development Branch of the Bridges Division of the Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges.
Deputy Secretary of the MinistryAbul Hasan has signed the circular.
According to the notification, toll for motorbike crossing has been fixed at Tk 100 for motorbikes, Tk 650 for cars and jeeps, Tk 1,200 for pickups and Tk 1,300 for microbuses.
The toll for buses is Tk1,400 for small buses with 31 seats or less, Tk 2,000 for medium buses and Tk 2,400 for large 3-axle buses.
Meanwhile, the toll for small trucks up to 5 tons has been fixed at Tk 1,600, for medium trucks ranging from 5 tons to 6 tons, the toll has been fixed at Tk 2,100 and for medium trucks from 8 to 11 tonnes, the toll has been fixed at Tk 2,600.
Besides, toll of truck up to 3 axles has been fixed at Tk 5,500 and trailer toll up to 4 trailers has been fixed at Tk 8,000. And in case of trailers larger than 4 axles, Tk 1500 will be added for each axle. In other words, the toll for a 5 axle trailer will be Tk 7,500, the toll for a 6 axle trailer will be Tk 9,000, and the toll for a 6 axle trailer will be Tk 11,500.
It has been mentioned in the notification that this toll rate will be effective from the day the Padma Bridge will be opened for traffic. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is expected to inaugurate this dream Padma Bridge in the last week of June.

Padma Bridge Toll Rates
Bike- Tk 100
Car, Jeep Tk 750
Pickup, Luxury Jeep, Prado Tk1,200
Microbus Tk1,300
Minibus (31 seats or less) Tk1,400
Medium Bus (32 seats or more) Tk 2,000
Large Bus (three axles) Tk 2,400
Truck (1.5 to 5 tonnes) Tk 1,600
Truck (5 to 8 tonnes) Tk 2,100
Truck (8 to 11 tonnes) Tk 2,800
Truck (three axles) Tk 5,500
Trailer (four axles) Tk 6,000
Trailer (above four axles) Tk 6,000+per addl. axle Tk 1,500
Sources: RHD

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