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Uncategorized - April 30, 2022

Dhaka now empty on big Eid holidays

Zarif Mahmud: Busy people are leaving the mechanical city of Dhaka after getting a long vacation. As a result, the city of traffic jams has become very empty now. The traditional traffic jam in Dhaka is not visible now. As there is no traffic jam, people can easily travel inside Dhaka.
This time Eid will be celebrated on 3rd May after completing 30 days of fasting. In this case, the public and private employees of the country have got six consecutive days off from April 29 to May 4 during Eid-ul-Fitr.
Eid holidays are basically three days. However, before the Eid, the weekly holiday and the May Day holiday have been combined to increase the Eid holiday to six days.
The Friday before Eid was April 29. The next day is Saturday 30th April. Sunday, May 1 is a public holiday on Labor Day. At the same time, Eid holiday is also starting on this day. Then Eid holidays on Monday and Tuesday. However, if the fast is 30, then Eid will be a public holiday on Wednesday (May 4). As a result, the employees are getting six consecutive days off.
Meanwhile, some have taken extra leave on May 5 (Thursday). This will allow you to spend a total of nine days on May 6 and 7 (Friday and Saturday) combining weekly holidays. In such a long holiday fair, people have been using buses, trains and launches to leave Dhaka since last Thursday.
However, some of them have left Dhaka even earlier to go home without any hassle. Altogether, several lakh people have already left Dhaka and moved to their village homes to celebrate Eid with their families.
The image of Dhaka, a city of traffic jams, has changed a bit. Visiting Motijheel on Saturday, it was seen that the busy area is almost empty. The less the human anagona, the less the pressure of the car. Firoz, staff of a private organisation at Motijheel said, I have come to Motijheel from Dhanmondi for office work. There is no traffic jam on the road. I was able to leave easily.
He added that most of the people have left Dhaka for Eid holidays. I have already sent the family to their village home in Jhenaidah. After finishing my office work today, I will leave for my village home at night. I will return to Dhaka on April 7. After a long time, I got such a long vacation.
Kakrail, a congested area of the capital, has also been found to be very empty. Good morning transport driver said at the corner of Kakrail. With Mannan. He said the traffic congestion on this route is relatively less on Fridays and Saturdays during holidays. Lots of people have left Dhaka in the last two days. Due to this there are very few people on the streets. That is why there is no traffic jam.
He said that as far as half an hour can go in normal time, now it does not take more than five minutes to cross that road. If the road is like that, it feels good to drive. But if you are stuck in traffic, it feels very annoying. Sometimes I think I left Dhaka. But I am in Dhaka due to stomach upset.
No traffic jam was seen at Malibagh Abul Hotel, Rampura area. Talking to rickshaw puller Abbas Ali in Rampura. He said the road was as empty yesterday as it is today. Now the crowd is all over the market. There is not much pressure on the streets.

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