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Bangladesh - February 28, 2024

Don’t listen to rumors about prices hike: PM

Staff Correspondent : Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged the people of the country not to listen to any kind of rumors about the prices of daily commodities. She said, I request everyone not to listen to rumours. Don’t listen to rumours, everyone be aware. Then no one can create problems by spreading rumours.
The parliament leader said this in response to a supplementary question by Ali Azam, a member of the ruling party parliament of Bhola-2 constituency, in the question and answer session of the National Assembly February 28.
Ali Azam said in his question that the price of daily commodities is within the purchasing power of people in other times of the year but there is an exception in Rajman. At this time, some businessmen who want extra profit made futile efforts to create artificial crisis in the market by unethically stocking food products. In this context, will any action be taken regarding the rumors of the profitable syndicate and especially the BNP-Jamaat to keep the commodity prices in relief?
In response, the Prime Minister said, “I have informed in advance what to do to prevent stockpiling of products.” We are aware enough to prevent unscrupulous traders from playing with people’s food. At the same time, we have to import many products. In that case we are interdependent. We want to overcome this dependency. Want to increase their production.
To a supplementary question by Jatiya Party MP Mujibul Haque Chunnu, Sheikh Hasina said that the government has taken various steps to control commodity prices. But some unscrupulous traders always want to take chances. Their intentions are not always successful. Strict action needs to be taken against these unscrupulous traders. If not, peace will not come to people.
To Chunnu’s question whether the government will take any steps to bring unscrupulous traders under the law with strict monitoring, the prime minister said, “We take legal measures including running mobile courts.” However, strict action will be taken against anyone who intentionally increases the price of goods.
The head of government said, let me tell everyone one thing. Ramadan is the month of austerity. Food should be conserved by consuming less food during Ramadan. But let’s see here – the matter of taking food in Ramadan increases a little. In fact, that is not what Ramadan is for. Ramadan is the month of moderation. We have to be moderate. It is not allowed to eat something special, it is not possible to keep fast, it is not possible to breakfast without special things, this kind of mentality has to be changed.
He said, we can break fast only with the food that is available in our country. Because, it is not that such and such cannot be played. What do people eat at other times of the year? Eating can be arranged in the same way during Ramadan. Then the cry for one thing will not be heard.
The parliament leader also said that the prices of many things have been decreasing lately. As a result, it is not that it has not decreased at all. But if the price of the produce of the farmer falls too much, the farmer does not get the fair price. And if the price goes up too much, people with fixed incomes suffer. The common consumer suffers. That’s why we have to look at both sides. The government is quite aware of these issues.
Sheikh Hasina said, it is not only necessary to see everything. Those who are elected representatives also have a responsibility. If everyone cooperates in market monitoring, unscrupulous traders will not be able to increase the prices of daily commodities in dishonest ways.
He said, I will call upon the people to keep an eye on hoarders. Only then will everything become easy. And we are taking strict action from the government. I will take further steps. I am punishing by setting up a mobile court. We are trying our best.

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