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Bangladesh - February 28, 2024

Life getting harder

Mahfuja Mukul : Life getting tougher in Bangladesh due to the high inflation and price hike in the market.
Hanif Shikder was watching news on television yesterday. How did the news reader’s chest know about the increase in electricity prices? I couldn’t wait to see this news. He quickly turned off the TV. Because in the first month of the year, the landlord has announced to increase the rent of his house. As if yesterday the price of electricity was added to the house rent.
When you go to the market, you have to worry a lot about the price of everyday products because of the condition of your pocket. You can’t match the expenses with the income. Worked in a private company. The salary is still the same as it was one year ago. But the price of everything is increasing before the eyes.
Electricity price was increased yesterday. And even if it is effective after a few days, it seems that its rash has already started. The landlord decided to increase the rent after hearing the news about the price increase according to the unit of electricity. Now the excuse came to him – the increased price of electricity. However, in many places the card system requires the tenant to pay the price. But then comes
the cost of living.
Yusuf, the owner of Bhai Bhai Laundry in Malibagh, said that if the price of electricity increases, we will have to increase the price of ironing. Now not Tk 10 per cloth. Will take more than that in future. As the cost increases for the one who lets the clothes be ironed or washed, so does the cost for the owner of the laundry.
Abul has a small factory. He does other business besides water business. He is very worried after hearing the news of increasing electricity prices. Because the cost of production in his factory will increase. It is doubtful whether it will be possible to sell the product at the price at which he sells it now.
Saiful goes to office by bus every day. A news has come to him that the bus fare may be increased very soon. Because the price of diesel and octane may increase. Why Dhaka city, inter-district transport also runs on diesel now. And if the price of octane goes up, the cost pressure on cars starting from private Hondas will increase. He told this reporter, I don’t know if it will be possible to rent at the current rate. Then the cost will be on the passenger. That is, this pressure will come on everyone cyclically.
Alam runs the business of Taritakari in Shantinagar. He said, why only electricity, if the price of fuel is increased then the cost of transportation will also increase. And finally, the pressure will be on the consumer. Many people are surprised that the price of electricity has increased within a year. Because a lot depends on the price of electricity. The cost of living will increase if the price of electricity increases.
Economist Anu Muhammad works on energy and electricity. When the issue of increasing the price of electricity was presented to him, he said that everything is closely related to the price of electricity. Everything from shop rents to house rents, industrial production costs and daily commodities will go up. Which should benefit more or less everyone. The middle and lower classes will be the most affected. Apart from this, the life of poor people will further deteriorate.
Cab President Golam Rahman said that if the price of electricity is increased, the price of everything will increase. As the price of daily commodities is constantly increasing, the increase in the price of electricity is a blow to the poor. Fasting ahead. The prices of all things increase during this fasting month. And this month the price of electricity has been increased. This will lead to an increase in the cost of goods starting from the production cost of the industry. In short, the cost of living will increase. Low-income people will struggle to make ends meet. The market will become unregulated.
Abdur Razzak, executive director of research firm Rapid, while commenting on the increase in electricity prices, said that the rate of inflation is high now. On top of this, inflation was further fueled by increasing the price of electricity. That is, starting from the price of daily commodities, the price of all things will increase. Because those involved in industrial production have to increase the price while coordinating the cost with the production of the product. However, the cost of those who use electricity will increase accordingly. In short, the cost of living will increase.

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