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Corporate - May 10, 2022

EC doesn’t capable to use EVMs in 300 seats: CEC

Staff Correspondent: Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Kazi Habibul Awal said it had not been decided whether the next national election would be on ballot paper or electronic voting machine (EVM).
He was speaking to reporters after inaugurating the voter list update program at the Election Commission’s Training Institute yesterday.
The CEC said, “The commission does not have the capacity to conduct EVM elections in 300 constituencies.” At present, the commission has the capacity to conduct EVM elections in about 100 constituencies.
In response to a question from reporters on whether EVMs would be elected in 100 constituencies, the Chief Election Commissioner said, “It has not been decided yet. How many seats will be elected in EVM or not will be decided in the commission meeting.”
Asked whether the commission is feeling any pressure on the issue of EVM elections, the Prime Minister said, “The commission will decide whether the elections will be held in EVMs or by ballot.” But political parties can give their opinion.
Kazi Habibul Awal further said, “We are not feeling any pressure in the Prime Minister’s statement on EVM. It is not clear whether he will vote through EVM, not as the Prime Minister, but as the President of the Awami League. The Election Commission will decide on the manner in which the next 12th National Assembly elections will be held.
“The voter list will be updated carefully,” he added.
People are eager to get NID. But when asked why people do not go to the polls, the CEC said, “I will not answer this question. Our responsibility is to prepare the voter list. Our staff will go to the field to prepare the voter list. I will not comment on the question you have asked.”
Asked what he would do about the discussions between the political parties on EVMs, the CEC said, “It is coming up in the press and you have been informed of our statements. It is our responsibility to conduct the election. Maybe you can say that the Prime Minister has given a speech and there may be speeches from different people. Whether the Prime Minister has said this or the Awami League president has said this is not clear yet.
Calling her the president of Awami League, calling her the head of BNP, calling her Abdur Rab of Jasad are different things. ‘
“And to put it bluntly, there are many who can wish, can express goodwill, and we have not yet made a final decision on whether to vote in the EVM.” We have already held many meetings ourselves, there will be more meetings in the future. Then the decision will be ours.
We will conduct the vote as freely as possible. It is in our jurisdiction, the system is also in our jurisdiction,” said the CEC.
In response to another question, he said, “The decision will be on us. Opinions we can consider. You too can give an opinion, someone on the street can give an opinion, political parties can give an opinion. Ultimately, we will review and decide which voting method and what. That is our business. We are independent in this matter.”
Earlier, the CEC had instructed the officials participating in the training workshop to conduct a fair and accurate voter list update process, adding that it is not possible to form a representative government without a clean and accurate voter list.
Election Commission (EC) Secretary,the training workshop, chaired by Humayun Kabir, was attended by four election commissioners, EC Additional Secretary Ashok Kumar Debnath and other senior officials were also present.

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