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Uncategorized - May 10, 2022

Not possible to vote in EVM in more than 100 seats

Says EC Alamgir
Staff Correspondent:
Election Commissioner (EC) Alamgir said the EC does not have the capacity to hold EVM elections in 300 seats in the next parliamentary elections.
Electronic voting machines (EVMs) can be used to elect 100 to 130 seats if the political parties can gain confidence.
He was speaking to reporters at his office in the Election Commission Secretariat on Monday (May 9th).
The EC commissioner said, “We have not discussed EVMs. With the EVM we have now, we will be able to vote well in a maximum of 100 to 130 seats. It is not possible to vote in EVM in more seats than this.
Md. Alamgir said, “In the dialogue with us, many people have given their views for and against EVM. We are reviewing them. In neighboring India, the whole election is held by EVM. How did they succeed? They must have succeeded through a system. That is what we are studying. It remains to be seen whether we can do what India has done here. Besides, examination is being done according to the law.
Just as India has moved from a place of disbelief to a place of trust, so will we. Then I hope EVM will be acceptable to everyone.
He said a party meeting of a political party had discussed voting in EVMs in 300 seats. They will make a proposal to the commission about EVM. However, we have not yet received any such formal or informal proposal. Even if they propose, the final decision will be given by the commission. However, it is better to say that there is no chance of such a proposal from the government.
Representatives of all political parties will decide on the use of EVM, Alamgir added.

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