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Bangladesh - January 29, 2023

Ever lowest 23.53 pc ADP implemented in 6-month

Mahfuz Emran: The implementation rate of ADP (Annual Development Program) has stood at 23.53 percent during July-December of the current financial year. This rate was 24.06 percent during the same period of last financial year. In addition, nine ministries and departments have not yet spent 10 percent of the allocation. These facts have emerged in the evaluation report of the Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Department (IMED).
According to the report of IMED, the ministries and departments have been able to spend Tk 60,249 crore in the last six months, which is 23.53 percent of the total allocation. During the same period (6 months) of the last financial year 2021-22, the implementation of ADP was Tk 56,962 crore or 24.06 percent. Besides, it was 23.89 percent in 2020-21 financial year. Implementation of ADP was 26.59 percent in FY 2019-20 and 27.45 percent till December of FY 2018-19. Government is implementing ADP of Tk 2 lakh 56 thousand 3 crore for the current financial year.
Among several ministries and departments, the Cabinet Division has implemented the highest ADP of 79.66 percent. Besides, Bridges Department has implemented 44.43 percent, Ministry of Religious Affairs 44.13 percent and Posts and Telecommunications Department 40.49 percent of ADP.
Meanwhile, even after 6 months of the fiscal year, the ADP implementation rate is below 10 percent in nine ministries and departments. These are – Ministry of Foreign Affairs could not spend even a single taka. Besides, Internal Resources Department has implemented 0.59 percent, Bangladesh Government Work Commission 2.49 percent and Water Security Department 2.99 percent of ADP implementation.
Besides, Ministry of Public Administration 5.31 percent, Ministry of Defense 5.49 percent, Ministry of Land 6.07 percent, Security Service Department 9.5 percent and Health Service Department implemented 9.51 percent ADP.

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