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Bangladesh - January 29, 2023

Govt committed to make safe home for children

Staff Correspondent: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that following the footsteps of the father of the nation, the Awami League government is committed to make the beloved motherland a safe home for children.
She said, “For the welfare of children, we have formulated the age-appropriate National Children Policy-2011 and Children Act-2013. Students are given free textbooks at the beginning of the year. Almost hundred percent of children are going to school.”
Yesterday, the premier said this in a message marking the ‘National Children’s Award Competition’ on January 29.
Sheikh Hasina said, “We have published books based on the life and work of the Father of the Nation for children and presented the real history of the Liberation War in textbooks. We all have to work together, irrespective of all walks of life, to implant patriotism in the minds of children, build their personality, develop creativity and make them confident.”
The Prime Minister said, “Let us dedicate our present to the beautiful future and welfare of the children and together build the golden Bangladesh of the father of the nation’s non-communal, hunger-poverty-free and happy-rich dream.”

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