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Bangladesh - District - February 10, 2022

Flower farmers target 3-day

Spring Festival, Valentine Day, 21 February

Staff Correspondent: It’s been two years since the loss-Corona and cyclones have caused extensive damage to flower growers. Even then they did not give up hope. Has started floriculture anew,has hoped for profit. Three marked (special) days ahead. So, the busyness of the flowers of the country has increased. Flower growers of Bivo with new hopes and new dreams around Spring Festival, World Love Day and International Mother Language Day.
Farmers say, if there are no restrictions this time, you will get a good price for flowers. You will see the face of profit after cutting the loss of the back. You will be able to turn around anew.
It has been found out that floriculture is very new in Faridpur, Jashore of various crops. Cultivation is low. Once upon a time the people of Faridpur used to look at the flowers of Jashore. Now the young entrepreneurs of the districts are being sent to different parts of the country including the capital to meet the local demand with flowers. Floriculture is increasing day by day. The interest of young entrepreneurs in this floriculture is going to be noticed more.
In different places of Faridpur, different types of colorful flowers are being decorated in the garden. Among them are various varieties of roses, various types of gerberas, chrysanthemums, marigolds, gladiolus, gypsies, tuberose and other varieties of flowers.
It can be seen on the ground that the farmers are busy tending the flower garden. With three days ahead, their busyness has increased. At present 1 rose is being sold for Tk 25 to 30, gerbera for Tk 15 to 20, tuberose for Tk 10, chrysanthemum for Tk 5 and gladiolus for Tk 12 to 15. Florists expect flower prices to rise further in the next three days.
Faridpur Sadar Gadhadhar Dangi village young entrepreneur Liaquat Hossain told Daily Industry that about half a crore taka has been lost in the last two years due to the epidemic. The flowers produced in the garden are ruined in the garden itself. There was no income, but he had to take care of the flowers and give them fertilizers. The demand for flowers is slowly increasing. If there are no restrictions again, I will get a good price for flowers on Pahela Falgun, Valentine’s Day and 21st February.
He further said that if we can sell flowers in these three days, we will be able to overcome the loss of Corona.
Faridpur Department of Agricultural Extension, Deputy Director of Agriculture Hazrat Ali told that floriculture is increasing day by day in Faridpur as it is profitable. Although the flower market has shrunk due to corona, florists have suffered. There is no official incentive for floriculture. However, we provide advice to the farmers.

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