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Bangladesh - Education - February 10, 2022

Pvt universities reluctant to
turn in permanent campus

After 12-years of establishment 25-universities to face music

Staff Correspondent:The government has decided to take tougher stance on the issue of permanent campuses of private universities. Those who have not yet moved to a permanent campus after 12 years of university approval will be categorized. For those who could not transfer due to logical reasons, the time may be extended conditionally. The government has taken a policy decision to revoke their teaching approval if anyone fails to meet the conditions even within the extended period.
According to the University Grants Commission (UGC), UGC has issued show cause notices to 25 private universities for conducting activities on temporary campuses. Notice was given to them for admitting students and conducting classes for a long time in the rented house. It also mentions the institutions that went to the permanent campus and held the campus under different names at the previous address (temporary).
The UGC also protested to some university authorities who did not apply for a permanent solution even after being transferred to a permanent campus.
In response to the showcause, it was informed that all activities were suspended due to the closure of the university due to Corona situation. The university authorities also demanded that more time be given for the relocation after completing the construction of the permanent campus.
In this regard, UGC Director (Private University) Omar Farooq told that 12 years have passed since the approval of many private universities. As a rule, there are laws to transfer to a permanent campus. Many are not obeying that law. Therefore, it has been decided to make a level-based list to determine the status of those who are in a position to build and relocate permanent campuses.
The list will ask who will be able to transfer when. They may be given time accordingly. It has been decided to take strict action against them if they fail in this too.
If you want to know UGC member (private university) Professor. Biswajit Chanda told, “We have decided to take a tough position to move to a permanent campus.” Category-wise lists will be drawn up for those private universities that have not yet reached the permanent campus even after completing 12 years. Many have reported backlash due to corona. The next decision will be taken after another meeting after determining the condition of their car.
‘What kind of problems and time it takes to relocate to a permanent campus will be discussed separately. If someone wants to take some more time, he can be given conditional time. Strict action will be taken against those who violate the conditions.
1992 marked the beginning of the era of private universities in the country. So far, the government has allowed the establishment of 108 private universities in the country. Of these, 99 are currently in operation. Before 2010, 52 universities were established. The government closed Darul Ihsan University in 2014 following a verdict in the case.
According to the latest data, the remaining 51 universities have started operations on 28 permanent campuses. Some of the rest have built partial campuses. Some organizations have bought land. Again, some universities did not take any action.
The government has given several ultimatums to these institutions since 2010 to move to permanent campuses. The last time the Ministry of Education fixed the time for going to the permanent campus was in December 2017.
At that time, it was said that the admission process of those universities which could not comply with this instruction would be stopped. According to him, the admission of students was supposed to be stopped from January 1, 2016.
According to the concerned, the policy-making level in the Ministry of Education has changed. Despite repeated ultimatums, the ministry has so far remained “silent” on the issue of institutions failing to comply. Even the meeting did not take place. This is the first showcase in four years.
At present, not only permanent campuses, but also private universities that do not have the appointment of vice-chancellors and treasurers approved by the president will be given tough decisions. In those institutions where these two posts are vacant, they will be warned. The list will be sought for appointment to these posts. Teaching activities will be stopped for those who do not send the list.

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