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Highest allocation for communication sector

National Budget 2022-23

Mahfuja Mukul: The highest allocation in the Annual Development Program (ADP) in the budget for the next 2022-23 fiscal year is the transport and communication sector. Tk 60 thousand 696 crore has been allocated for this sector. This is 26.73 percent of the total allocation. The highest allocation in this sector was in the financial year 2021-22, when the amount was Tk 81 thousand 731 crore 41 lakh.
Besides, the second highest allocation is being kept in the power and energy sector in the next budget. Tk 39 thousand 412 crore is being allocated in this sector. This is 16.02 percent of the total allocation. In the current financial year, the allocation for this sector was Tk 45 thousand 6 crore 84 lakh.
The approval was given at a meeting chaired by National Economic Council (NEC) chairperson and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina joined the meeting of the National Economic Council held at the NEC Conference Room and Cabinet Room of the Secretariat in Sher-e-Bangla Nagar area through video conferencing from Ganobhaban.
In the next budget meeting, the third highest allocation has been made in the education sector after the transport and communication and power and energy sectors. The allocation for this sector is Tk 29,061 crore. This is 11.62 percent of the total allocation. In terms of allocation, it is followed by housing and community facilities. Tk 24 thousand 498 crore 96 lakh is being allocated for this sector.
The health sector is being allocated as the fifth highest sector. The allocation for this sector is Tk 19 thousand 26 crore.
In addition, in the budget for 2022-23, local government and rural development sector will get Tk 16,465 crore, agriculture sector will get Tk 10,144 crore, environment, climate change and water resources sector will get Tk 9,659 crore, child and economic services sector will get Tk 5,408 crore. Besides, Tk 4,016 crore is being allocated for science and information technology. The total allocation in the 10 sectors mentioned is Tk 2 lakh 29 thousand 7 crore. This is 93.06 percent of the total ADP allocation.
On the other hand, in the budget of the next 2022-23 fiscal year, among the top 10 sectors based on ministries and departments, Tk 35,642 crore in local government department, Tk 31,296 crore in road transport and highway department.
On the other hand, the top 10 allocations for ministries / divisions are: about Tk 35,642 crore for local government, Tk 31,296 crore for road transport and highways, Tk 24,139 crore for power and Tk 16,111 crore for science and technology. Tk 15,851 crore is being allocated for health services.
Besides, Tk 14,929 crore has been allocated for the Ministry of Railways, Tk 14,01 crore for the Secondary and Higher Education Department, Tk 11,042 crore for the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, Tk 9,290 crore for the Bridges Department and Tk 8,938 crore for the Ministry of Water Resources.
On the other hand, the top 10 project-based allocations for Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant project are around Tk 13,398 crore, 4th Primary Education Development Program (PEDP-04) project sector about Tk 8,659 crore, Matarbari 2,600 MW ultra-super critical. About Tk 8,554 crore for coal fired power project.
In addition, for Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport Expansion (Phase I) project about Tk 7 thousand 19 crore; About Tk 5,609 crore for Padma Bridge rail link project, Tk 4,254 crore for Covid-19 Emergency Response and PandamicPeepardness (WB-GoB) project, Tk 3,651 crore for Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Railway Bridge construction project;Tk 3,603 crore for Dhaka-Ashulia Elevated Expressway construction project, Tk 3,059 crore for Expansion and Strengthening of Power System Network under DPDC Area project and Tk 2,500 crore for Dhaka Rapid Transit Development Project (Line-7) project.

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