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Bangladesh - August 11, 2022

Hilsa price remains high despite peak season

Barguna Correspondent: As the ‘Silver hilsa’ fish started reaching the capital from Barguna within just seven hours after the inauguration of the Padma Bridge, its price went up in the local market during the peak fishing season.
In the local municipal fish market, although the sale of hilsa has increased, the demand is much more than the supply, Banglanews Correspondent reports.
According to the market sources, the price of Hilsa increased by Tk 4,000 to Tk 5,000 per Maund (40 kg).
Md. Rashid Farazi, a buyer said that as the supply of Hilsa in the market this week is less than last week, the price is a bit high.
The sellers said that the demand is high, so the price is high.
If the supply increases, the price will decrease, they said, adding the price of river fish is higher than sea fish.
They said that Hilsa is being sold at Tk 650-1900 per kg according to size, but the demand for the fish from Bishkhali is high.
Meanwhile, hilsa weighing 250-300gm is being sold at Tk 500 to 560 per kg, 400 grams at Tk 600, 500 grams at Tk 650-800 per kg, 800-900 grams at Tk 1200 per kg, One kg to 1400 grams at Tk 1400-1800, and one and a half to 2 kg hilsa being sold at Tk 1900-2400.

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