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District - August 11, 2022

Students stage demo at BPC office protesting fuel price hike

Staff Correspondent: A group of students from different universities and colleges staged demonstrations at the office of Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) yesterday afternoon in protest against the recent fuel price hike. At one stage of the demonstrations, they entered the board room of the BPC where the organisation’s chairman of was scheduled to brief reporters about the fuel price hike.
This unprecedented incident took place when reporters from different media were waiting for a press briefing.
However, BPC chairmen ABM Azad was not present at the board meeting. He was holding meeting at his room.
The students chanted different slogans protesting the fuel price hike.
They said it is totally unacceptable to raise the fuel price illogically.
Later, the students submitted memorandum to BPC chairman ABM Azad demanding the authorities repeal the decision of price hike.
At this stage, police came to the spot to control the situation.
The government hiked the price of fuel oil by a big margin on Friday.
According to the release, diesel price has been increased by Tk 34 to Tk 114 per litre while octane price hiked by Tk 46 to Tk 135 and petrol by Tk 44 to Tk 130.
Earlier, in November last year, the government increased the price of diesel and kerosene by Tk 15 to Tk 80 per litre. As a result, the bus fare was disproportionately increased by around 27 per cent and the launch fare by 35 per cent.

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