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Bangladesh - July 17, 2022

Hilsa production doubled in 5-yrs

Barguna Correspondent: Hilsa production has increased almost twice in five years. Not only hilsa, but also other sea fish production has increased. As a result, the revenue of the government has increased to Tk one crore 92 lakh 92 thousand 329. This information is known from the sources of Patharghata Fish Landing Center, the second fish landing center of Bangladesh.
Mir Rashedul Islam, Manager of Patharghata Fish Landing Center told that 1,152.56 metric tons of hilsa and 1,581.36 metric tons of sea fish were sold in the fiscal year 2020-21. In the fiscal year 2021-22, two thousand 475.93 metric tons of hilsa and two thousand 324.21 metric tons of marine fish were sold. Revenue is collected at the rate of one percent of the fish sold at the rate of 25 paise. Accordingly, the revenue collected in the fiscal year 2020-21 is Tk 99 lakh 96 thousand 656.
In the financial year 2021-22, the revenue has been collected Tk one crore 92 lakh 92 thousand 329. According to the calculation of Patharghata fish landing center, 1 thousand 323.37 metric tons of hilsa has arrived from the sea and river for the purpose of sale in this fish landing center alone than last fiscal year.
Bangladesh Fishing Board Owners Association President Mostafa Chowdhury told that there was a famine of hilsa in the sea four to five years ago. Fishermen had to return from the sea empty-handed. A few hilsa were caught but the size was small. Currently, the landing center is filled with large hilsa. Fishermen do not have to go to sea and return empty-handed in whatever time is available outside the ban. The fishermen returned with a trawler full of hilsa. 80 percent of that hilsa is of large size.
According to sources, to increase the production of hilsa, the government has taken various measures including banning hilsa fishing during jatka and breeding season, observance of sanctuaries, jatka conservation week, 65 days fishing ban in the sea, special combing operation. Because of these initiatives, the production of hilsa is increasing in the southern region. In these coastal fishermen have extracted hilsa very well.
PatharghataUpazila Fisheries Officer Jayant Kumar Apu told that now the mother hilsa can lay eggs properly during the breeding season. Jatka Preservation Week is observed to protect Hilsa transformed from egg to Jatka, Jatka is protected by a six-month ban. Hilsa production has increased due to the protection of Jatka. Also, all kinds of fish are getting bigger due to ban on sea for 65 days. He also said that the production of marine fish will increase several times in the next few years.

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