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Uncategorized - October 15, 2023

Israel wants to shutdown Al Jazeera

Industry Desk: Israeli Information Minister Shalom Karhi has demanded the closure of the local bureau office of Al Jazeera News, a Qatar-based media outlet, for allegedly supporting Hamas, the political group that controls the Gaza Strip. This information was given in a report of Israel’s wireless media, Army Radio, on Sunday.
ShalomaKarhi said that since the start of the war on October 7, Aljazeera News has been covering Hamas related news. He has already sent a proposal to the government to close the Israel office of this media.
Israel’s state security officials are currently reviewing the proposal. Shaloma said it will be taken up in the cabinet after their verification.
Israel’s information minister told Army Radio, “This news station regularly broadcasts provocative news, and this news are angering many people in foreign countries against the citizens of Israel.” Aljazeera is more of a propaganda mouthpiece than a news outlet.
“A news station claiming to be an independent media outlet is acting as a mouthpiece for Hamas – this is unacceptable.” Hopefully, we will be able to reach a decision in this regard soon.’ However, no response has been given by Aljazeera or the Qatari government regarding such claims of Israel.
Israel’s anger at Al Jazeera is not new. Earlier in May 2021, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) engaged in a war with Hamas. At that time, Israel bombed Al Jazeera’s Gaza Bureau office.

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