April 17, 2024

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    • Major collapse in GDP growth in Q2

      Rafiqul Islam Azad : The contribution of the industry and service sectors to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has significantly decreased in the second quarter (October-December) of the current financial year 2023-2024.The downturn in GDP growth is primarily attributed to political instability and uncertainty surrounding the National Assembly elections, plunging…

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    • Western allies call on Israel to avoid escalation

      Iran attacks Israel with over 300 drones, missiles Industry Desk : Israel’s allies have urged it to avoid any escalation, as it considers a response to Iran’s unprecedented missile and drone attack.Israel’s Western allies, including France, Germany and Britain, have appealed for Israel to show restraint, warning over further escalation…

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    • Sheikh Hasina’s ship to be sailing in smooth seas: US think-tank

      Staff Correspondent : Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s journey to run Bangladesh is getting smooth as US officials, after the last general elections of Bangladesh, recognized the new government and pledged to collaborate with it, says US think-tank-The Atlantic Council.“While the US State Department did say that the elections were not…

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