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Uncategorized - September 4, 2021

Manpower exports dropped by more than half

Staff Correspondent: The whole world is stagnant due to the COVID pandemic, yet the journey abroad in the hope of changing fortune does not stop. Although more than seven lakh people left the country in 2019, it has come down to less than half in 2020.
It is learned that 2,17,669 people migrated from Chattogram to different countries in eight months from January to March and August to December 2020. Around 1,95,240 people migrated in five months from January to May 2021 – which means, 2,83,782 people have left the country in the last 14 months.
In 2020, 1,61,726 people migrated to Saudi Arabia, 21,071 people to Oman, 10,085 to Singapore, 3,769 to Jordan, 3,608 to Qatar, 2,014 to Mauritius, 1,744 to Kuwait, 1,082 to UAE, 530 to Brunei, 488 to Lebanon, 208 to South Korea, 142 to Japan, 125 to Malaysia, 93 to Libya, 21 to the UK, 3 to Bahrain, 2 to Sudan and 477 people migrated to other countries.
In 2021, 1,44,394 people migrated to Saudi Arabia, 19,042 to Oman, 12,139 to Singapore, 5,332 to Jordan, 4,633 to UAE, 2,018 to Qatar, 71 to Italy, 63 to Lebanon, 30 to Kuwait, 19 to the UK, 14 to Malaysia, 14 to Mauritius, 10 to Brunei, 9 to Bahrain, 3 to Japan, 3 to Libya, 3 to Iraq and 1,727 people migrated to other countries.
Statistics show that the largest number of people migrated to Saudi Arabia in the Middle East in 14 months. In other words, the majority of Bangladeshi workers were in that country. Oman is in the next position towards abundance. There are also Singapore, Jordan, the UAE and Qatar.
According to the Chattogram District Employment and Manpower Office, 50,758 women and 3,62,151 men have left the country in 14 months.
According to the Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies (BAIRA), the migration of workers has come to a standstill due to the stagnation in the international labor market for the COVID effect. Due to some improvement in the COVID situation, different countries are currently are taking workers. As a result, the country’s remittances are increasing day by day.
Tk 8,44,938 crore remittances came in the first four months of this year. Tk 18,27,190 crore remittances came in 2020. Besides, Bangladesh received remittances of Tk 15,55,948 crore in 2019 and Tk 13,17,722 crore remittances in 2018.
BAIRA Secretary Dr. Muhammad Abdul Jalil said many skilled workers could not migrate to countries last year due to the closure of flights to different countries of the world. But now, the situation turned somewhat normal. We are also trying to send workers.

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