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Mathews out by strange rule, first time in cricket history

Timed out

Sports Correspondent: Shakib Al Hasan was bowling the 25th over of the innings. Sri Lankan batsman Sadira Samarawickrama was dismissed on the second ball of his over. The Lankan batsman went back to 41 runs with a catch by Mahmudullah Riyad.
Then the Lankan middle order and experienced cricketer Angelo Mathews is supposed to take the strike down the wicket. But perhaps Mathews entered the field with the wrong helmet. Due to which he could not wear the helmet on his head properly. Was trying to put the strap on again and again. He pointed to the dressing room, to fetch a new helmet.
But by now 2 minutes have passed according to the rules. Shakib Al Hasan, captain of the Bangladesh team, appealed to the umpire for time out.
The umpire also saw that 2 minutes had passed after Samarawickrama was out, but the new batsman Mathews could not take guard to bat.
As a result, this is the first application of a rule of cricket in a match. South African umpire Mariar Erasmus gave the finger with a timed-out decision.
After that, Mathews was seen discussing with the umpire for a while. Maybe at that time the umpire explained the law of cricket to Mathews. Mathews also approached Shakib Al Hasan to talk. Shakib advised him to speak to the umpire.
This rule is written in the Laws of Cricket (on the MCC website). Section 40.1.1 states, ‘After the fall of the wicket or the retirement of the batsman, the new batsman shall be ready to face the next ball within 3 minutes. If this condition is not met, the new batsman will be out. Timed out.’
However, in the ICC playing conditions in the World Cup, not 3 minutes, the batter must be ready to face the next ball within 2 minutes. Mathews could not be ready to bat in that time while changing his helmet.
As a result, Umpire Marius Erasmus had no choice but to throw out Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan’s appeal and the law of cricket.

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