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Bangladesh - January 31, 2022

Month of language movement begins today

Staff Correspondent: As the month of language movement begins today, the nation will pay tributes to the valiant sons of the soil who were killed during the language movement in the month of February in 1952.
The Bengali nation achieved the dignity of their mother tongue on February 21, 1952 through the supreme sacrifices made by Salam, Shafiq, Barkat, Rafique and others during a massive movement.
February is the month of mourning. Yet, it is a matter of dignity for the nation as only the Bengalese have sacrificed their lives for establishing Bangla as state language.
The Language Day–February 21 — is also recognized as the International Mother Language Day. The nation usually observes the month through various programmes. The Amar Ekushey Book fair is the most attraction of the month-long observance as traditionally it begins on the first day of February.
But due to the fresh wave of the Covid-19, the authorities have already postponed the fair for two weeks.
The social, political and cultural organizations, however, will observe the month through various programmes, maintaining the health guidelines.

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