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Bangladesh - Diplomatic - April 16, 2023

Most fresh BD workers got job in Malaysia

Sakhawat Hossain from Malaysia: Due to the intensive diplomatic efforts of all concerned ministries of the Bangladesh government and the Bangladesh High Commission in Kuala Lumpur, after the signing of the Bangladesh-Malaysia bilateral memorandum of understanding on December 19, 2021, the Malaysian government withdrew the ban issued four years ago on the recruitment of new workers from Bangladesh.
Later, after the recruitment process was finalized in the joint working group meeting held in Dhaka on June 2, 2022, the necessary networking hardware and software were installed in the respective offices of the two countries, and the Bangladeshi recruitment process started in Malaysia around August 2022. According to the latest data, the Labor Department under the Ministry of Human Resources of Malaysia has approved the recruitment of 358,892 new Bangladeshi workers against the demand of 8,727 new workers and 134,595 new workers have already arrived in Malaysia. The remaining 225,000 Bangladeshi workers are in the process of arrival. If this trend continues, the Bangladesh High Commission is hopeful that approximately 500,000 new Bangladeshi workers will be employed in Malaysia within the next 2/3 years.
Meanwhile, it has been reported from various media, social media and private sources that some foreign workers are not getting proper jobs after arriving in Malaysia. Bangladesh High Commission has been informed that a number of Bangladeshi workers are also in trouble.
The High Commission, on its own initiative and with the assistance of the Malaysian authorities, took steps to solve the problem by taking electronic measures and was able to compel the employer to provide work to some of the workers, while trying to place the rest of the workers under new employers.
The Bangladesh High Commission feels that it is necessary to shed some light on the process of recruitment of foreign workers in Malaysia for the general public. If the Malaysian government’s approval process for hiring foreign workers is transparent, not a single worker should be unemployed. Because, in Malaysia, there are branches of Labor Department all over the country. Only if they approve the application for recruitment of foreign workers after proper vetting, then the foreign workers will be guaranteed proper jobs, working environment, housing and wages.
Moreover, according to the laws of Malaysia, the responsibility of ensuring the legal rights of all domestic and foreign workers rests with the Department of Labor and for that purpose the institution has been given organizational and legal powers. It is not possible for the embassy of any country to verify the demand for recruitment by 100% verification.
In this case, the embassy must rely on the approval of the Malaysian authorities. This applies to all sourcing country embassies including Bangladesh. In approximately 95% of the cases, the Bangladesh High Commission verifies the demand by verifying the documents related to the approval of various authorities in Malaysia. Remaining approximately 5% against demand is verified by embassy by visiting employer’s office/project site etc.
It is practically impossible for the Embassy to visit hundreds of projects/factories as well as thousands of employment agencies. This can only be done by the Malaysian Labor Department. So, it is reasonable to send workers relying on the clearance from the Labor Department of Malaysia and this is what all other sending countries are doing. Moreover, if 100% of projects are visited by embassies to verify demand, the pace of worker arrival will be so slow that it will not be acceptable to anyone.
On the other hand, Bangladesh will be deprived of its due benefits due to competing countries taking that opportunity. However, in this case, the risk of unemployment of workers will be reduced to a great extent if Bangladeshi recruiting agencies collecting demand through their Malaysian partner agencies undertake the labor dispatching process after properly verifying the correctness of the employer and the ability to recruit foreign workers.
Another thing to be specially mentioned here is that the Malaysian Government has warned the Bangladesh Embassy through a diplomatic letter so that the Embassy does not visit any project site/company on site. In the said diplomatic letter, they stated that the Malaysian Labor Department has the sole jurisdiction to inspect any Malaysian company.
Even in the recent bilateral meeting held during the visit of the Home Minister of Malaysia to Bangladesh, the issue was discussed in detail and the responsibility of the Malaysian government to ensure the accuracy of the demand for recruitment was assured to Bangladesh by the higher representative of the Ministry of Human Resources of Malaysia and the Bangladesh High Commission was again asked to refrain from company visits.
The number of unemployed workers after arriving in Malaysia is negligible compared to the total incoming workers and is within manageable limits so far. This is not only happening to Bangladeshi workers – workers from Nepal, Myanmar and many other countries are also victims of this situation. The Bangladesh mission has taken appropriate steps to provide placement of the said category of Bangladeshi workers under new employers and is working closely with the Malaysian government to ensure that this situation does not worsen in the future.
The reality of hiring and managing foreign workers in Malaysia is well known. The new government of Malaysia has informed Bangladesh in various high-level meetings recently that it has taken various steps to improve the management in this regard.
The Bangladesh High Commission applauds the efforts and plans of the highest level of the current government of Malaysia and the minister of the relevant ministries to ensure the development and greater transparency of the long-standing system of recruitment of foreign workers.
The Bangladesh High Commission is determined to complete this huge task with full sincerity and utmost transparency, so that Bangladesh can benefit through the safe migration of maximum number of Bangladeshi workers in the fastest possible time.
In this regard, taking into account all kinds of challenges with the aim of protecting the interests of workers, the Bangladesh High Commission in Kuala Lumpur has continued to conduct on-site investigations in order to verify the authenticity of the approval of labor demands and the ability of the recruiter. No laxity is being tolerated in the internal management of the High Commission in conducting these activities.
Bangladesh High Commission expects proper sense of responsibility, full sincerity and support from all conscious circles and all participants in this great activity.

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