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District - Health - April 16, 2023

Road bitumen melting for excess temperature

Jashore Correspondent: S everal pictures have gone viral on social media Facebook saying that the bitumen of Dharmatala and Palbari Khyertala highways in Jessore city is melting due to excessive temperature.
When asked about this on Sunday, Executive Engineer Abul Kalam Azad of Jessore Roads and High Ways Department said, “I heard that the bitumen on the road is melting.” I have sent people from the office to the concerned area. I can tell you the details after he returns.
He also said, ‘The roads where the bitumen is melting are made five to seven years ago. Two grades of bitumen are commonly used in roads. Previously, 80/100 grade bitumen was used for temperatures of 30 to 32 degrees. After research, more temperature resistant 60/70 grade bitumen is being used.
Jessore Airport Bir Shrestha Matiur Rahman base weather office is informed that the maximum temperature in Jessore on Sunday is 40.5.
This temperature was recorded around 3:30 pm. The amount of water vapor in the air is 24 percent. Earlier, day temperature in Jessore was recorded at 40. 4 degrees Celsius. Locals said that it is possible to go out of the house a little in the morning, but it is no longer possible in the afternoon. It seems as if fire is falling from the sky. So, no one goes out of the house unless absolutely necessary. Jessore College chemistry department teacher Mohsin Ali said, ‘I entered the city from Shantala via Palbari around 4:30 pm. Like the sun, the road has a similar harsh glare. It seems that steam is coming out of the hot bones and burning the eyes and face. Deputy Civil Surgeon of Jessore Nazmus Sadiq Russell said, it is better not to leave the house outside unless necessary in excessive heat. Along with that, he advised to consume saline, canned water, lemon and water to protect themselves from overheating.

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