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Bangladesh - September 14, 2021

New police recruitment policy focuses on merit and physique: IGP

Staff Correspondent: Bangladesh police force will hire only qualified people with merit and good physique as constables under a new recruitment policy, the country’s police chief said yesterday.
The new policy has been formulated after reviewing the policies in the neighbouring countries and also of many developed nations, said Inspector General of Police Benazir Ahmed wrapping up a three-day crime review meeting at the Hall of Integrity at the Police Headquarters.
Police constables are being appointed under the new policy, he said adding sub-inspectors and sergeants will soon be recruited under its provision, the IGP said.
He said that “Under the clear direction of the Hon’ble Prime Minister, we are committed to building a corruption-free police force for the welfare of the country and the people.”
Sounding a warning against use of drugs Benazir said that strict action will be taken against any police member if found involved in drug consumption, drug traders or drug trading.
“As a member of the police, nothing can be done that harms the police force, harms the country, harms the people of the country,” he said.
He asked the senior police officials not to compromise on maintaining the discipline of the forces. “If any police member breaks the discipline, exemplary strict action has to be taken against him/her. We are also trying our best to ensure their (police members) welfare.
He called for a change in the police behaviour with ordinary people and asked police members to refrain from inhumane treatment of people.
Mentioning the main responsibility of the police to investigate the case, the IGP said that the quality of case investigation has to be further enhanced.
He directed the field level officials to be very attentive to the investigation and increase supervision.
The IGP asked the police officers to bring pride in their service.
“For this we have to bring about mentality and psychological change. We have to have love for the job and then we will be able to move forward,” he said.

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