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No Bribe, No Service

Anomalies of BIWTA’s Master Pilot Supervisor

Golam Mostafa Jibon: Not only amassing illegal wealth, Abdul Motaleb, Master Pilot Supervisor of BIWTA’s (Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority) Pilot House in Chattogram has established his own made rule-’No Bribe, No Service’ at his working jurisdiction, many sufferers said.
They complained that, Motaleb does not work without bribe. He realizes bribe using names of many top officers. As a result, none dares to open their mouth in fear of harassment.
Shafiqur Rahman, Controlling Manager of Foysal Nevigation Company in a written complaint said that, Motaleb realized Tk 1 lakh as bribe from him on October 24 on the purpose of MB Foysal-10 shipment, which was loaded with government wheat. After paying the bribe money, Motaleb handed the booking receipt to him. He also realized the money saying that ‘it would be paid to CPS-Sir’.
Shafiqur further said, not only from me, Motaleb has been realizing bribe from almost all vessels owners on different excuses for long. If someone fails to pay the demanded money, he becomes victim of harassment.
An audio record of Motaleb’s conversation over the bribe transaction has also remained preserved in the Daily Industry office. Shafiqur Rahman, Controlling Manager of Foysal Nevigation Company submitted a written complaint to the Secretary of Shipping Ministry yesterday demanding necessary action on this regard.
He told The Daily Industry that, “Most of ship owners have now become hopeless due to continuous bribery and harassment by the Master Pilot Supervisor Abdul Motaleb. If the high-ups do not take necessary action against him, many ship owners will face dire consequences in future. They will incur huge losses.”
He also urged the interference of Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to investigate into the wealth status of Motaleb, which were accumulated in illegal means. He also questioned that how Motaleb became owners of more than one residences, cars and other wealth with his salary money?
While contacted, Motaleb declined the allegations and said, “I realized money according to the government rule and all the money were placed to the government fund. So, I am not involved with bribery. A section of people are spreading such rumors being zealous to me.”
“I have a possibility of transferring to Dhaka office. But some of my rivals do not want it. They are trying to stop the process by raising various allegations,” he added.
It is to be mentioned that Motaleb has already started lobbying to manage his high-ups after publishing a newsreport on the first page of The Daily Industry yesterday with the title “A Master Pilot Supervisor of BIWTA amasses mountain of wealth thru’ illegal means”. He also stayed in Dhaka yesterday without attending at his office in Chattogram with a view to manage the senior officials in which no action is taken against him in this regard, sources said.

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