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Bangladesh - October 14, 2023

No work but bill paid

Department of Education and Engineering

Syed Nasir Hossain: Complaints against the engineers of the Education Engineering Department (EED) for paying the bills of the contractors before the completion of the infrastructure construction work are increasing. Despite repeated warnings from the head office, the advance bill payment is not stopping.
Complaints have been made that the work bill has been released by showing a higher estimate than the amount of work done. In this way advance money has been given to various institutions. Still the work did not progress properly. Many places have stopped working.
In Chapainawabganj, Jamalpur and Kurigram, there have been complaints of advance payment of bills or money in the name of construction of educational buildings and renovation of old buildings. In Chapainawabganj, Maharajpur Dolpara Girls School and Gobratala Girls High School have received complaints of taking advance bills in the name of construction work.
If you want to know about the progress of the work, the head teacher of Maharajpur, Chapainawabganj, Goblatala Girls’ School Nazrul Islam told Daily Industry that the construction work has been going on since 2018. The roof of the four-storied building has been cast. Nothing else happened. Now that there is a roof over their heads, there is at least a place for the students to stand in the building in the rain. I do not know how long the work will be completed,said the chief engineer. But it has been slow so far. Burning condition since birth, I don’t know if the bill has been paid even if the work is not completed. However, even if the money comes, it can’t work. The contractor has no money.
Allegations have been made that the construction work of Bashiruddin and Karimuddin High Schools in Jamalpur has not been completed even after five years. However, most of the construction bills of this institution have already been paid, according to the head office of EED. It has been alleged that the construction work has stopped. Some have not completed the old work but have been re-worked to pay the advance bill.
If you want to know, Executive Engineer of Jamalpur Department of Education and Engineering (ongoing duty) Md. Anwar Hossain said that the work of Bashiruddin High School is going on. The amount of work done by bill. Advance bill paid.
Apart from this, infrastructure construction work has been stopped at Dhamsreni School, Daldalia Adarsh High School, Juniorchar High School, Bakbanda High School and Nageshwari DM School in Kurigram. However, it has been alleged that most of the bills for those works have already been paid to the contractors.
If you want to know about the progress of the work and the payment of the advance bill, the executive engineer of Kurigram (additional duty) of Education Engineering Rangpur Circle Sultan Mahmud said, the work of some of these institutions has been completed. And some are in progress. Advance bill paid. Billed for work done. In some cases more work has been done.
According to the related sources, the cases of allocation of nine-six in the name of advance bill payment in various educational institutions of Sylhet, Faridpur, Patuakhali, Kushtia, Jhalkathi and Chapainawabganj are being investigated. Action is being taken against engineers involved in paying advance bills in the name of construction of educational buildings and renovation of old buildings in more than 150 educational institutions of those districts.
EED’s Sylhet zone office informed that about Tk 60 lakh has been paid in advance for an infrastructure construction work at Shahjalal Bazar High School in Sylhet Sadar during the outgoing financial year.
About Tk 15 lakhs has been paid in advance for a work of Yahia Chowdhury High School in the same district. Complaints were received about Tk 80 lakh advance for work in Dakshin Surma Abdul Ahad High School and Renga Hajiganj High School and Tk 20 lakh in Zamiron Nesha Academy.
There have also been allegations of advance payment of bills for work in Bir Mongal High School, Goainghat, Sylhet and Surighat High School, Kanighat.
Khandkar Nazmul Islam, executive engineer of Sylhet said, “I have just joined here. It’s been two months. When asked about the progress of work and giving advance, he said, you have said about many works. It will not be possible to tell immediately without seeing the whole.
Chief Engineer Delwar Hossain Majumder was contacted several times to know about complaints and necessary steps on the phone but he did not answer the phone. Even he did not respond tomessages on his mobile phone.

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