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Bangladesh - District - October 14, 2023

Winter knocking in northern region

Panchaghar Correspondent: Ashwin is saying goodbye. The winter mood has started knocking on Karthik’s door. Panchagarh, the northern district of Bangladesh, has started to feel the chill of winter from night to morning. Dew drops on the tips of the grass. Feet feel cold to the touch.
Sweet sunshine through the morning sunrise and dewdrops on the green leaves of the grass tell that winter is knocking at the door. On Saturday early morning, fog is seen in different places. Budding seedlings of new seeds peeking out in the crop field. Dewdrops spread gentle coolness on it.
Locals said that there is a lot of fog in the morning. Now the fan is not running at full speed at night. Katha/thin blanket has to be wrapped around the body at night. Winter is felt till dawn. But thick fog and severe winters are late in coming.
On Friday night, some tourists including Ibrahim Khan Shakeel, Eman Haider, Wahiduzzaman Badal said, “We came to see Kanchenjunga.” It’s getting cold here right now. But it is still hot in Dhaka and southern areas. Winter seems to come earlier in this region.
Meanwhile, farmers are spending busy time in vegetable cultivation ahead of winter. Different types of early winter vegetables including radish, cauliflower, cabbage, beans, gourd, tomato, red vegetables have been cultivated.
Sami Uz Zaman, an observer at the district’s first class Tentulia weather observatory, told Daily Industry that the temperature has started to drop. Winter is coming. The temperature was recorded at 22.8 degrees Celsius at 9 am on Saturday.

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