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Bangladesh - December 26, 2023

Over 10,300 polling stations are at risk

Staff Correspondent: The Ministry of Home Affairs has written to the Election Commission (EC) identifying 10,300 polling stations as dangerous (very important) out of 42,149 polling stations in the 12th National Assembly elections.
A total of 2 lakh 15 thousand members of law and order forces will be deployed in important polling stations. 4 lakh 72 thousand members will be deployed in general polling stations. A total of 11 crore 96 lakh 91 thousand 633 voters will have the opportunity to exercise their right to vote in this election.

On Tuesday (December 26), the responsible sources of the Election Commission informed about the matter.
A team of 15-17 security personnel will be deployed at each polling station in 300 constituencies, the source said.
Outside metropolitan areas, a team of 15-16 people including two policemen with arms, one Ansar with arms, one Ansar with arms or sticks, 10 Ansars, one or two village policemen with sticks will provide security for all general polling stations.
But in case of each important polling station (which are considered vulnerable stations) there will be a team of 16-17 people including three policemen with arms.
A 15-member security team will ensure the security of all polling stations within the metropolitan area. Out of which three armed policemen, one armed Ansar, another armed Ansar with a weapon or baton and a team of 10 Ansar members will ensure the security of each polling station.
However, important polling stations will be guarded by a 16-member security team and the number of armed policemen will be four instead of three.
As per the schedule announced by the EC, campaigning is now underway after the allotment of symbols to the candidates participating in the elections. Which will end on January 5. Polling will continue from 8 am to 4 pm on January 7 with a break of one day.

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