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Bangladesh - Uncategorized - April 4, 2023

PM Hasina gets emotional over losses in fire

Staff Correspondent: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina became emotional over losses to traders in the Bangabazar fire ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr and asked everyone to stay vigilant to such incidents, Planning Minister MA Mannan has said. Hasina shared her advice as she presided over a meeting of the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council yesterday. “We spent some time discussing the fire at Bangabazar during the meeting.
She [Hasina] became quite emotional, thinking about the losses to the poor shop owners,” Mannan said after the meeting.
The blaze, which gutted hundreds of shops in the labyrinthine market known for cheaper clothes, brought catastrophic damage to small businesses.
Fifty fire service units, aided by the army and the air force, brought the fire under control after more than six hours.
The minister said Hasina also spoke about ways to increase the fire extinguishing capacity.
“She suggested raising people’s awareness. This is not to blame people for setting up shop in a crowded market. They didn’t have a choice. We will continue our efforts keeping these issues in mind,” Mannan said.
Hasina also spoke about efforts to make water reservoirs for the safety of buildings to keep a supply of water available at all times.

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