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Diplomatic - District - April 13, 2023

Rajshahi Indian Center issuing visa fastest time

Md.Shahin Sagor, Rajshahi: Indian Visa Application Centers have seen huge crowd for shopping, health check-up, medical and tourist visa seekers. As Darshana, Sona Masjid and Gede land ports have opened for passengers, visa center officials have to cope with an additional pressure of processing huge number of applications.
Talking to the visa aspirants, it is known that they do not have to suffer anymore. After learning about the sudden increase in the pressure of the visa aspirants, the current Indian Assistant High Commissioner Mr Manoj Kumar himself visited the visa center and spoke to the visa aspirants standing in the queue and after listening to their complaints, directed the officials to provide services in a speedy manner.
On the instructions of the Assistant High Commissioner, the officials worked overtime to verify the documents of the visa aspirants and accepted all the applications. Now visa aspirants no longer have to stand in queue a day in advance. They are able to finish the day’s work and return home. Earlier where tourist visa aspirants took 20/25 days to get their visa. It used to take 15/20 days for medical visa, now in a short period of time newly appointed Assistant High Commissioner Manoj Kumar is delivering medical visa in three days and tourist visa in ten days with his single effort and sincerity to the visa aspirants.
In this regard, the Assistant High Commissioner said, there are less volunteers here. Arrangements are being made for a larger space. Visa service will be provided in less time. Speaking to the visa aspirants, he said that the visa center was closed for three days due to the Star Sunday holiday due to speed up the rush of aspirants.
According to the Indian Assistant High Commissioner’s office in Rajshahi, an average of 1,500 visa applications are submitted here every day. Meanwhile, after the verification, at least 1200 to 1300 visasare being given. Which is the highest record in issuing visas. Now the number of visa applications has increased from 1500 to 2000 which is the highest record.
It is also known that many people do not get visas due to various problems and when they go to the High Commission office, the Assistant High Commissioner himself listens to their problems and tries to solve them quickly.

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