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Bangladesh - February 14, 2022

Shahjalal Airport third terminal work 30pc done

Special Correspondent: The construction work of the third terminal of Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport is 30 percent complete. The concerned people think that it will be possible to inaugurate this terminal by June 2023.
Asked about the progress of the work, Chairman Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Air Vice Marshal M Mofidur Rahman told that the progress of work on the third terminal of the airport has been 30 per cent so far. Work is in full swing. The workers are working in shifts day and night. The way things are going, we will be able to start the terminal ahead of schedule.
According to unconfirmed sources, Shahjalal Airport is currently able to serve 6 million passengers a year.
With the completion of the third terminal, the airport will be able to serve more than 20 million passengers.
Expressing satisfaction over the progress of the work of the third terminal of the airport, the Minister of State for Aviation and Tourism Mahbub Ali told, “Our goal is to launch the third terminal by June 2023.” We are working towards that goal. The work is moving fast. We have not stopped working on a single coronavirus epidemic. The way things are going, I hope we will be able to open the terminal for passengers before the scheduled time.
At the beginning of the construction work in 2020, five powerful bombs were recovered from the area under construction. Even then the work did not stop. Construction work is progressing rapidly with caution. About 5 thousand workers are working.
It is known that the third terminal will have the touch of all technology. The 230,000-square-meter airport was designed by renowned architect Rohani Bahrain. He has designed terminals 3 at Changi Airport in Singapore, ATC Tower Building in Guangzhou, China, Ahmedabad International Airport in India, Islamabad International Airport, Maldives, Philippines, Cambodia, Brunei, Myanmar and Vietnam.
The airport will have a total of 36 aircraft aprons or parking spaces. Inside there will be 12 boarding bridges, 11 body scanners, 16 luggage belts. There will also be an automated immigration system. The third terminal under construction will be fitted with several straight escalators. For those who cannot walk long distances to the airport, this arrangement will be available. There will also be baby care-children play area, first-aid, 24-hour health inspection facility with doctors, movie lounge, food court, Wi-Fi facility, and duty-free shops are being set up at 14 spots for passenger shopping. However, Metrorail will be connected to the third terminal of this airport. A separate station will also be created. Passengers coming to Bangladesh through this will be able to go to their destination by metro rail without leaving the airport. As a result, the suffering of passengers will be reduced.
In 2015, a preliminary feasibility report and draft master plan for the construction and expansion of the Third Terminal was submitted to the Prime Minister’s Office. Then on 24 October 2016, the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) approved the construction of the airport. Initially, the construction cost of the terminal was estimated at Tk 13,610 crore. Later the project cost was increased by Tk. 6,085.9 million. In all, the cost of the project is now more than Tk 21 thousand 396 crore.
The government of Bangladesh is giving Tk 5 thousand 256 crore 3 lakh 8 thousand for the implementation of the project. The remaining Tk 18 thousand 141 crore 2 lakh 45 thousand is being given as a loan by the Japanese company JICA.

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