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Bangladesh - October 4, 2023

Women divorcing twice than men

One talaq in every 40-minute

Mahfuja Mukul: The number of divorced people in the country is increasing day by day. This number is more in the capital. Last year, 13,288 divorce applications were received in the two city corporations of Dhaka. Among them, 5,590 in North City Corporation area, 7,698 in South City Corporation area.
Nusrat Farzana, got married a year and a half ago. After completing his formal education from a private university, he got a job through an elder brother. Family and work went well together. Once the husband could not accept his wife’s job. He wanted Nusrat to leave the job and concentrate on the family. Chaos begins in the world. They finally divorced earlier this year. Nusrat returned to his father’s house. However, the job continues.
According to experts, the number of divorces in the capital is increasing due to various reasons including tiny issues. Husband and wife are getting separated from family. Among the significant reasons for divorce today are – extravagance, drug addiction, involvement in work or other things, lack of time, torture, dowry, mental anguish, reckless living, ill-temper, apathy in the world, disobedience, impotence, unfulfillment of physical needs and childlessness. There are various reasons including
Khadija Akhter Dolly lives in Dakshin Banshri of the capital. It has been a year since I divorced my husband. He also has a one-year-old son. Dolly with that child lives with her parents in Banashree. He told Daily Industry, “It can be said that we got married against the family. After marriage I realized that my husband is addicted to other women. Talking on mobile all night, chatting. Even talking on video calls. Even though I understand, he doesn’t mind.”
Besides, he never gave any money like that in the world. If the unrest starts with these things, we do not decide to stay apart at one stage. I now have a small job. Raising my son. I am with my parents. It seems that I am better now than in my previous family life. The days are passing by indulging in your hobbies.
Private employee Khorshed Alam divorced his wife five months ago. Now lives in a rented house in Mohammadpur with parents and younger sister. He said, “We got married by accident. After marriage, the behavior of the wife can be seen in luxury. He loved hanging out with his friends and doing Tik Tok. There was no mind towards the world. As a result, turmoil started between us. He even quarreled with my parents and sister often. They often demanded money from me for shopping.
All in all, from turmoil to divorce. Now he lives in Hazaribagh with his parents. I remain as I am.”
What statistics say
Last year i.e. in 2022, the total number of divorces in Dhaka South City Corporation area was 7,698. Among them, 5,383 divorces were done through the wife. The number of divorces through husband is 2,315. That is, women gave divorce more than men.
In the month of January 2023, a total of 650 divorces took place in the Dhaka South City Corporation area. Out of this, 450 cases of divorce were done by the wife and 200 by the husband. On the other hand, even though the complete list is not yet ready, according to the draft, 400 to 700 divorces took place every month from April to August this year. Here too, women are ahead in divorce.
On the other hand, last year i.e. in 2022, a total of 5,590 divorces occurred in the Dhaka North City Corporation area. Out of this, 3,619 cases of divorce were given by the wife, 1 thousand 971 were given by the husband. From January to April this year (year 2023), a total of 1,999 divorces have occurred here. In North City Corporation like Dhaka South, the number of divorces by women is more than by men.
According to the results of the survey published by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics last June, the number of divorces in the country has increased recently. The divorce rate has increased by 1.4 percent over the past year. Which was earlier 0.7 percent. At this time, one divorce occurred in Dhaka at an average interval of 40 minutes.
Those concerned say that divorce in our country still follows the Muslim Family Act of 1961. According to the law, the divorce application has to be sent to the mayor’s office of the two city corporations of Dhaka, depending on the area. The application comes to the regional office of the city corporation from the residential address. The mayor’s office then registered the application. Once the divorce petition is submitted, the authority sends a compromise notice to both the petitioner and the respondent. The Regional Executive Officers of the City Corporation perform this duty. If there is no agreement between the two parties, the authority does not take any responsibility. If neither party compromises or withdraws the application within 90 days of the application, the divorce becomes legally effective.
In this regard, an official in charge of the regional office of Dhaka North City Corporation said, without revealing his name, divorce was done because of wife torture, dowry demand – these reasons. Now most of the applications mention tension in their relationship, misunderstanding, alienation, interest in not being together with other family members, not being able to meet the financial needs of the family, women’s job etc. All in all, tolerance and non-acceptance among people is decreasing day by day. However, currently, divorce applications are more common from women.
What Sociologists Saying
Mohiuddin Ahmed, convenor of Bangladesh General Citizen Society, told Daily Industry that family quarrels and separations are breaking all the records of history. Along with social degradation, economic disparity, change in people’s taste, lack of family ties, dissolution of joint family, divorce is happening more due to various reasons. One of the reasons is our social degradation and extinction of the joint family. Due to the use of social media, women or men are often involved in unwanted or illegal relationships with other men or women. As a result, they are losing trust and confidence in each other.
“There is no mentor or guardian on the head, on the other hand, as joint families are dissolved in most cases, no one is sincerely coming forward to solve the problem. The place of accountability among themselves is also disappearing. Economic disparity and family turmoil, as well as physical and mental changes due to changes in nature, in some cases a distorted mentality – are among the reasons for not being able to prevent this undesirable phenomenon (talaq).’
When asked how to get freedom, he said, “We have to take initiatives at family, social and state level. Besides religious discipline and Bengali culture more importance should be given to family ties. Everyone needs to be more aware of the fact that friendship on social media is temporary, this medium can cause chaos in the world.’
Rasheda Ershad Nasir, professor of Sociology Department of Dhaka University, told Daily Industry about the overall issue, “There is unrest in the whole society, there is a sick competition between everyone. It affects family life, marital life as well. Earlier people did not have that much ambition. Day by day we are deviating from them. The respect that used to exist in the relationship is no longer noticeable. is decreasing One seems to be happier if one hurts another, if one does not respect one another. The respect between husband and wife has come to this stage. If there is no trust and respect between them then the relationship is not supposed to work, this is what is happening in reality. The number of divorces is increasing day by day.
‘Such incidents are on the rise today as boundless expectations rise and mutual respect and esteem diminish. Both husband and wife think I am the right one, I am the right one. Divorce is the breaking of bonds of interdependence and strong friendship and the conviction of self-reliance.

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