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Bangladesh - October 5, 2023

1577 fire incidents happen in Sept

Need smart disaster mgt team

Mahfuz Emran: In the month of September this year, 1,577 fire incidents occurred across the Bangladesh. A total of 11 people were injured and four people were killed. Among them, 155 fire incidents occurred in the Dhaka City Corporation area. Which is 27 more than August.
This information was informed to the media in a press release from Fire Service and Civil Defense Media Cell.
In the notification, 603 fires occurred in Dhaka Division, 63 in Mymensinghar, 189 in Chittagong Division, 225 in Rajshahi Division. Apart from this, there were 132 fires in Khulna division, 57 in Sylhet division, 60 in Barisal division and 248 in Rangpur division.
Monthly statistics showed that the number of fire incidents decreased from August to September. Last month there were 1,667 fire incidents across the country.
According to the statistics, there are more fire incidents in Mirpur, Mohammadpur, Hazaribagh, Tejgaon, Baridhara, Uttara areas of the capital. Among them, 16 fire incidents occurred in Mirpur, Mohammadpur, Baridhara areas in the month of September.
It is also reported that in the month of September, fire service and civil defense participated in rescue operations in 787 different accidents across the country.
A total of 777 people were injured and 184 people were killed. Out of which 590 road accidents. Apart from this, there were 10 kitchen gas cylinder accidents, 13 gas line malfunctions, 15 elevator accidents, 19 lightning strikes, and 115 river and water drowning accidents. 74 people drowned in rivers, ponds or water across the country.
11 people were killed in 49 different types of accidents in Dhaka City Corporation area alone. Accidents are happening more in Mirpur, Mohammadpur, Tejgaon, Old Dhaka area of City Corporation. Apart from this, 159 accidents occurred in Dhaka Division, 55 in Mymensingh Division, 102 in Chittagong Division, 201 in Rajshahi Division, 88 in Khulna Division, 27 in Sylhet Division, 41 in Barisal Division and 114 in Rangpur Division.
In the notification received from the Fire Service and Civil Defense, they also said that in the month of September, Fire Service and Civil Defense from all over the country provided services through 4,354 calls to fire and various accidents. Apart from this, 1,098 patients were transported and provided ambulance services through 1152 calls.
Government policy makers, responsible officials and concerned experts and analysts are placing the greatest emphasis on fire prevention awareness. Based on the investigation report of major fires, they say, many of our buildings and infrastructure are at risk of fire. That’s not to say that most gas-powered vehicles are completely risk-free. Basically, as many accidents are happening, the responsibility and irresponsibility of people is more. Apart from increasing our efficiency in post-accident rescue work, the limitations that exist must be removed quickly.
Director General of Fire Service and Civil Defense Brigadier General Main Uddin said that unsafe buildings and unplanned urbanization are major risks for fire accidents. Some unplanned residential and commercial areas have developed, where there is less opportunity to reach quickly to control the fire. For this, everyone should be aware and take responsibility in all matters.
Former Director General of Fire Service and Civil Defense Brigadier General Sajjad Hossain told Daily Industry that our dangers are increasing due to improper storage of oxygen, chemicals, explosives and flammable materials. Those who import various chemicals, do not take precautions before sending them to the consumer level. Again, many people do not have proper knowledge about the use of flammable materials. There is no training. Many people do not even have the basic idea of using these chemicals. Due to which explosions occur more often.
Regarding the explosion of the oxygen cylinder, he said that the amount of oxygen in the air is enough to catch fire. If more fresh oxygen is added to it, then its level will increase. If there is no awareness during management and storage and use, such accidents will increase day by day.
Regarding explosions from electrical disturbances, he said, use of low-quality electrical equipment and use of low-quality electrical cables increase the risk of fire. Conductor of electricity is copper. Copper can conduct electricity faster. But now electrical wires are made with low quality zinc. When electricity is conducted through this wire, the electricity cannot move at normal speed. It has to be taken with a lot of pressure, due to force it explodes. He said there is no substitute for awareness in reducing accidents like explosions and fires.
Sheikh Hasina National Burn Institute Coordinator Dr Samant Lal Sen told Daily Industry that many patients come here due to various explosions and fires. We can’t save many. In response to a question, he said that more explosions are happening from low-quality cylinders. He also raised questions about the verification of the quality of these cylinders.
Director General of Disaster Management Directorate Mizanur Rahman said, most of the decorations of homes and offices and courts are highly flammable. He said, in any disaster like earthquake or fire, these are the major causes of danger. As a result, everyone should be aware of this in advance.
In response to a query disaster management expert Dr Enayet Karim said that Bangladesh should build up firefighter and disaster management volunteers’ group for the greater interest. He asks the volunteer organizations to train a group of teams in any fast-responding country in making a smart disaster management and firefighter group.

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